Top Ways For New Orleans Saints Fans
To Save Money

25 places New Orleans Saints fans can save money
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Ticket prices aren’t everything, especially for New Orleans Saints fans.

Despite face value and secondary market prices that are below average…

The real cost index of $1068 for Saints fans in 2015 was 10th highest.

But it gets worse. With a 2015 median household income of $48,342* that ranked dead last among the 31 NFL cities, the real cost ratio (real cost index ÷ monthly income) of 28.72% meant that fan expenses for New Orleans area residents were actually the 4th-highest.

*Based on latest available data from

A league of its own

If you’re on a budget then you should definitely refrain from eating & drinking inside the ‘Dome or at the adjacent Champions Square. This is not original thinking - the food & beer at just about every NFL stadium is inferior and more expensive than what you’d get outside the venue.

While this too is the case for Saints fans, there are so many places to eat and drink that are so close and so much cheaper that it puts the area around the Mercedes Benz Superdome in a whole ‘nother league.

Using beer again, as an example, there are as many sports bars within 2 miles of the Superdome as there is within the same distance of CenturyLink Field and Soldier Field combined. And the prices? Here’s a list of the NFL stadiums in 2016 with the most expensive beer, what a domestic draft brew costs inside the venue, and what you’re likely to pay at a nearby sports bar:

Venue Inside Local sports bar
Levi's Stadium $10.00 $8.00
Oakland Coliseum $9.75 $4.50
New Era Field $9.50 $4.25
Soldier Field $9.25 $5.00
Mercedes Benz Superdome $9.25 $2.75

25 places where New Orleans Saints fans can save money on…

Po boys.   The Roast Beef Po Boy inside the Superdome will cost you $12.50, the Shrimp Po Boy, $13. There are 6 spots within 1.3 miles where you can get a superior sandwich for less:

  1. The Jimani - $7.50
  2. Mike Serio's - $8.49
  3. Johnny's - $9.50
  4. Walk-On's - $9.99
  5. Deja Vu - $9.99
  6. Killer PoBoys - $12

Jambalaya.   Nothing says “N’Awlins” like jambalaya. Well, maybe also po’boys, crawfish, gumbo, & grilled alligator, but anyways… You can pay $12.75 at the `Dome's club level for jambalaya, or you can pay…

  1. $3.95 at Johnny's
  2. $8.50 at Mother's
  3. $8.99 at Deja Vu

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Beer.   Domestic beer at the `Dome is $9.25 for a bottle, 10 bucks for a draft. Why bother?

  1. The Jimani - $2.25
  2. Chuck's - $3
  3. Mother's - $3.25
  4. Poppy's Time Out - $4.50

Hurricane.   This signature French Quarter cocktail costs $9.50 at the Superdome, but you can get it for…

  1. $7 at Deja Vu
  2. $8.50 at Pat O'Brien's, the place that made it famous

Most of the places mentioned here are close to the Superdome, but not that close. They’re not across the street, but most are within a mile or so - reasonable walking distance if you’re in shape. Pat O’Brien’s, for instance, is about 1.1 miles.

If that seems too long, let me present it this way: carrying an open container of alcohol is legal in New Orleans, so you can take your Hurricane, or whatever drink you damn please, along with you on your sight-filled stroll as you make your way to the game. Here’s what this walking tour would look like:

Full Page Route Map 

The Hand Grenade: “New Orleans' most powerful drink” is only $8
Hand Grenade
Hand Grenade. (16)  The Hurricane may be more famous, but the Hand Grenade is “New Orleans most powerful drink”. You won’t find this at the stadium. At 8 bucks from Tropical Isle, it’s cheaper and stronger than the $13 daiquiri at the ‘Dome.

Daiquiri.  Speaking of the daiquiris, here are 3 spots where you can get them for waaay cheaper:

  1. Pat O'Brien's - $5.25
  2. Walk-On's - $7
  3. Poppy's Time Out - $9

Parking. (20-25)   Parking passes for Saints games are 35 bucks at face value, but will usually cost 3 times as much on the secondary market. You can find 6 spots within a mile of the Mercedes Benz Superdome where you can find parking for the Saints 2017 home opener vs. the New England Patriots for under $17.

25 not enough? Here's 50 free things to do in New Orleans.

The best price for New Orleans Saints tickets?

Date Opponent Best Price Broker(s)
Sep 17 Patriots $227.50 TickPick
Oct 15 Lions $42 TicketIQ
Oct 29 Bears $62 TickPick, TicketIQ
Nov 5 Buccaneers $35 Vivid Seats, StubHub
Nov 19 Redskins $38.45 StubHub
Dec 3 Panthers $46 TicketIQ
Dec 17 Jets $34 TicketIQ
Dec 24 Falcons $49 TicketIQ
Prices as of 6/19/17 are for the cheapest available tickets, minimum 2, for 2017 Saints home games and include all fees

How to watch the New Orleans Saints online.

Make someone's day!

If you have any comments, tips, or suggestions about the places mentioned on this page, or if you have a place of your own to add, we'd love to hear from you. You never know, your opinion might just make a difference for someone...

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