Top 5 Ways to Save Money at
Dallas Cowboys Stadium

AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys Stadium), like the state of Texas……

Is all about being big

  • It boasts the biggest HD screen (for an NFL venue)
  • It is the biggest indoor NFL stadium
  • It is the 2nd most biggest - er, expensive, of NFL stadiums in terms of construction

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it will also cost you big. I mean really -- $75 for a parking pass?!?

How to save money at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

This is not meant to scare you away - on the contrary - because while it’s so easy to blow 300 bucks at a Cowboys game, it’s just as easy to…

Find bargains at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

1. The Party Pass.  Standing room only “party pass” tickets are just 29 bucks. In exchange for the comfort of a seat you get to roam & explore as you please and still watch the action on the field from various vantage points.

Although these do sell fast, there are up to 35,000 party pass tickets available for each Cowboys home game so your chances of getting them are fairly good.

2. Park… somewhere else.   At a face value price of $75, an AT&T Stadium parking pass can easily go for double that on various ticket broker sites, but there are a number of much cheaper Dallas Cowboys Stadium parking alternatives.

3. Eat, drink, & park… somewhere else.   It’ll cost you $27 at Dallas Cowboys Stadium for a beer, Kobe burger, and bottled water. For 25 bucks, you get a 10-oz. rib eye steak, beer, parking, & a shuttle ride at J.Gilligan’s. For $29 at Humperdink’s, you get parking, shuttle, & a much better Kobe burger. Hmm…

Save big bucks at AT&T Stadium...

4. Take the self-guided tour.   With the self-guided tour of AT&T Stadium you won't get to see a private suite, the print media press box (yawn), the Ford Motor company fountain, and the Cotton Bowl office vestibule - these are included with the so-called VIP tour.

What you will get to see - at your own pace and for 10 bucks less - is the playing field, the Miller Lite Club, the post-game interview room, the Cowboys locker room, and the Cheerleaders locker room.

5. Take advantage of hotel discounts.   Oftentimes the easiest ways to save money are the most obvious. As an example, wouldn't you think that a hotel overlooking the Six Flags Amusement Park would be more expensive than one that is located nearly a mile further away?

Well if you wanted to visit Six Flags and take in the Sept 28 Cowboys-Saints game, you would save nearly $200** if you booked a one night (Sept 28-29) stay at the Ranger Inn & Suites instead of the Holiday Inn Express.

**hotel prices are from

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