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For many of us, NFL football is more than just a sport…

It’s an escape from the day-to-day drudgery…

One of life’s simple pleasures in an often complicated world.

But the league’s high-and-rising prices have slowly but surely turned its followers into what I call, “passive fans“. Passive fans rarely or never go to games, while active fans not only do, they turn it into an all day (weekend?) event.

While better and cheaper technology has allowed people to watch a game from the comfort of their homes on TVs that are big enough to melt retinas, I believe that the majority would rather be active fans - if only they could afford it. Which leads me to…

Story?! You don't need no stinkin´ story!

But if you insist…

As stories go, mine isn’t much, but it could easily be your story, or the story of any NFL fan.

As a lifelong NY Jets fan, I normally went to one, sometimes two, games per season. Tickets were easy to get and relatively cheap. I was usually able to get a ticket and a parking pass from an online broker for $80-$90.

And although I attended games on a regular basis, I considered myself to be a passive fan, because I would arrive a few minutes early and then - in order to beat the traffic - leave before the end of the 4th quarter.

Well this all changed in 2010. After experiencing a full-blown tailgate party for the first time, I was hooked. Not only did I want tailgate before the game, I wanted to do it post-game as well, while other suckers fans suffered in gridlock. I also wanted to see more games.

But by the following season, NFL ticket prices for Jets games were at an all-time high. The increase began with the arrival of Brett Favre in 2008 and steadily rose after 3 straight winning seasons and 2 consecutive playoff berths. The tab for the first game I went to was $175.

But I was really getting into the whole “game day experience” thing. I wanted more, not less. But the prices!? For a lot of fans, myself included, spending nearly $200 or so for one game isn’t too bad, but 2 games at that rate is pushing it. Three games? Fuhgeddaboudit.

After channeling my inner Yoda (“Determined to be an active fan, I was.”), I found that I had more options than I thought. But no longer could I simply make a quick purchase on StubHub.

It took time, effort, & some compromises, but in 2011 I was able to attend 3 games at a total combined cost of $430 (not bad, considering that the Jets tickets were the most expensive of all teams at that point). Total savings? About 200 bucks, and I had an unbelievable time. I could have spent even less and still would have had a great (as opposed to “unbelievable”) time.

So what I’m saying is…

  1. I get the whole “I’ll just watch the game on my big-screen TV for free” thing, but really, there’s nothing like being there… the excitement, the electricity, & the feeling that you’re at the world’s biggest block party is something you just can’t get at home.
  2. Do it while you can. I’m not an economic forecaster, but I can’t see things getting better. Pretty soon, the cost of going to a game will really be out of reach.
  3. There’s no trick or real skill to it - if I can save hundreds of dollars a year, so can you.

My promise to you

This site is here to benefit you - not Google, not the NFL, not me (although it would certainly help), not the advertisers, sponsors, nor affiliates.

Whether you like my site or hate it, agree or disagree with me, you can be assured that I will make every effort to provide unbiased, high-quality content designed to help you get the most bang for your NFL buck, save money, and have fun while doing it.

There’ll be no fluff or filler material - I prefer nothing over crap, so if ever there are long periods between updates, you’ll know why. Also, if you do see fluff, it’s likely old content that is gradually being phased out; please be patient.

I also promise that I will never (knowingly) recommend or point you to a product, service, or site that doesn’t provide you with the best or near-best value or deal, just for the sake of a sale or a click.

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