How To Save 80% On Arrowhead Stadium Parking

Chiefs football and Kansas City barbeque…

What better way to spend an autumn Sunday in Kansas City?

Unlike searching for offsite stadium parking in other NFL cities - like Pittsburgh and New Orleans, where you face a plethora of culinary and cultural distractions - around here it's simple.

It's not that there aren't any options, it's just that their put-it-on-your-bucket-list barbeque is so damn good, it's a must.

So when it comes to finding Arrowhead Stadium parking, this is all you really need to do:

  1. Get a spot within walking distance to the stadium.

  2. Tailgate like there's no tomorrow. Even if you don't own a grill or you can't barbeque to save a cow's life, there's no shortage of great BBQ joints nearby where you can get take-out brisket & ribs, then pig out in the parking lot.

Where to park

You can pay $50-$100 for Red or Gold lot “official” parking or…

You can find discount Arrowhead Stadium parking here for a mere 14 bucks. It's bit farther - near Gate 3, about 2/3 of a mile away - but in exchange for a 15-minute walk you get to save 72%-86%. Hmmm…

Where to eat

Kansas City Barbeque is - wait for it - legendary...
If you're not going to be grilling your own grub, there are seemingly an endless number of places to get your fingers on great BBQ take-out:

(Listed in order of proximity to Arrowhead Stadium)

Find the cheapest tickets to Chiefs home games here.

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