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Arrowhead Stadium Prices

What Kansas City Chiefs fans can do about rising costs

Over the years, game day expenses at Arrowhead Stadium have been bargain level, at least on an NFL scale.

For the past 4 seasons, the cost of Kansas City Chiefs tickets were 5th lowest on average, in terms of both face value ($68.871) and initial resale price ($1462).

But all good things must come to an end, and so, while the average initial secondary market price of $204 for the 2017 season is still only 24th-highest, it still represents an increase of $78 (61%) from last year.

How Chiefs fans can save some money

What’s gone up at Arrowhead Stadium?

Parking:   The face value cost of of an Arrowhead Stadium parking pass is up 5 bucks ($35) from last year. Not a big deal, you say? It will be, if you don’t purchase one in advance, because the price at the gate is $60.

Chiefs fans encouraged to purchase advance parking to save money.

What you can do:

  • Look for parking passes online. Yes, it’s a crapshoot, but as of this writing, you can get an Arrowhead Stadium parking pass for the Chiefs 2017 home opener for $39 here.

  • Standard Parking. There are 15 Standard Parking garages in Kansas City, some as cheap as $6 (pre-purchase rate), but none are within 8 miles of the stadium. So what you do is park there and for an additional $22-$30 (round trip), you can Uber it to Arrowhead.

    ZTrip has gotten a lot of positive publicity locally, and while it does have its advantages over Uber, price is not one of them - ZTrip cost per mile: $2.25, UberX: 85¢.

Tickets:   As I mentioned above, the initial average resale cost for Kansas City Chiefs tickets have risen by 61%.

What you can do:   Get-in prices are still reasonable. Here is a comparison of cheap-seat prices for the 2017 Chiefs home opener vs. the Eagles:

Coast To
$84 $83 $88 $83 $90 $85 $105 $85 $76 $75 $81
Prices as of 5/14/17, are per seat, minimum 2, & include all fees

As you can see, you can get Chiefs tickets for less and save as much as $30 per ticket if you choose the right broker. But you do even better (see below).

Tailgating:   Kansas City is regularly rated as one of the top tailgating cities, so it’s no surprise that tailgating is by far the first choice for fans looking for some pre-game partying. But a tailgate party requires a parking spot, of course, so given the rise in rates and the fact that there are few alternatives, tailgating can be costly and difficult if for non-season ticket holders.

What you can do:

  • If you can actually find parking and you don’t feel like slaving over a hot grill, then consider carry-out “cue from Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ. You can get a slab of ribs (for 2) for the price of 2 Italian sausages & 2 nachos at the stadium.

  • PrimeSport. For those who can’t get a Chiefs parking pass or don’t want to drive, there’s always the VIP Tailgate Party in the stadium lot. While online brokers are charging anywhere from $72-$95 for these passes for the Chiefs home opener, PrimeSport offers the same deal, AFAIK (i.e., all you can eat buffet, 2 drinks, pre-game on TV, live DJs) for only $45.

A PrimeSport package deal is also how you get cheap Chiefs tickets, along with the tailgate party.

Cost of 1 ticket + tailgate pass for Eagles-Chiefs game, 9/17/17:

Coast To
Ticket $84 $83 $90 $85 $105 $68.75
Tailgate $73 $72 $78 $75 $95 $45
Total $157 $155 $168 $160 $200 $113.75

Hotels.   Hotel rates have risen annually over the last six years. The average daily rate in Kansas City is about $136, according to

What you can do:

Consider one of these 4 hotels near Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City with an average rate of $80.50 per night.

  • Adam’s Mark Hotel & Conference Center, 9103 E 39th St, Kansas City. $60 per night*, 65 rating**.
  • Super 8 Independence, 4032 S Lynn Ct Dr, Independence. $47, 74 rating.
  • Best Western Truman Inn, 4048 S Lynn Ct, Independence. $109, 77 rating.
  • Silver Heart Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1114 S Noland Rd, Independence. $106, 94 rating.

* Rates are for a 1 night stay (12/10 - 12/11/17 were the proposed dates in this case) as of Nov. 3, 2017.
**Ratings are based upon cumulative scores from at least 3 of 5 sites (Expedia,,, kayak, priceline) - a 3 (out of 5) rating on Expedia = 60, 7 (out of 10) rating on = 70.

How to watch the Kansas City Chiefs online.

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