The Best Place To Buy NFL Tickets?
It’s Not Ticket Exchange…

The best place to buy NFL tickets is not NFL Ticket Exchange…

Nor is it StubHub…

The best ticket sites are the ones that save you the most money.

Money may not be everything, but when it comes to ticket resellers, it’s the only thing.

Think about it…

  • It’s not about selection, because sports ticket brokers basically have the same inventory to work with.
  • It’s not about speedy service, because it doesn’t make a difference if you get your tickets 2 months before the event or 2 weeks before the event, just as long as they arrive on time. Any site that can’t do that shouldn’t be doing business.
  • And it’s not about customer service, because if it is, then they’ve already failed.

So yeahit’s all about the cash, baby.

But with so many reseller sites on the web, finding one that will actually save you money can be a problem, so find out who are the best ticket brokers here.

What about ticket search engines?

A ticket search engine, or ticket aggregator, gathers data from multiple sites and combines it into one listing for review. Expedia and are among two of the more famous aggregators, only they do it for airline tickets and hotel reservations.

So in theory, a website that lists prices from many sports ticket brokers so that you can find the cheapest, and - because they are essentially outsourcing their inventory - allows you to buy them with no fees, is the best place to buy NFL tickets.

But do the numbers support the theory? Let’s find out…

The pros & cons of ticket aggregators.

Price comparison I

First we’re going to compare the average cheap seat prices of 10 major sports ticket brokers against 3 of the more well known ticket aggregators - ScoreBig, TiqIQ, & SeatGeek. Again, by “cheap seat” I’m referring to the lowest priced ticket available, minimum of two, and excluding standing room only tickets.

Should you use a ticket aggregator to buy NFL tickets?

The data represents ticket prices of 75 games from the first 8 weeks of the 2016 season. Keep in mind that these are not real-time figures, but are the prices listed at the time the data was recorded over the course of a month (7/15 - 8/14).

Price comparison II

So far, so good, but like I said in discussing ticket brokers, average price isn’t as important as the frequency of having the lowest price. Here’s how the 3 ticket aggregators stack up to their broker counterparts in that regard:

How much money can you save on NFL tickets?

Out of the 75 games, ticket brokers offered the lowest price 45 times, vs. 30 for the ticket search engines. So does that even things up for Team Broker?

Not quite, because upon more careful scrutiny, you’ll notice that the ticket aggregators have an edge in “money saved”, which refers to the difference between the lowest price listed and the next lowest. Of the 45 times that one of the 10 ticket brokers had the cheapest price, the average difference between the next cheapest seat was $4.40. Of the 30 times that one of the ticket aggregators boasted the lowest price, the average difference was $7.08.

In actuality then, ticket search engines combined for $212.40 in savings, vs. $198 for the brokers.

Indeed, these numbers do seem to support the notion that the best place to buy NFL tickets is a search engine site. But…

The reality of ticket search engines

In theory, a sports ticket search engine should find you the lowest price every time. After all, when you search for something on Google, you get all the relevant results.

The reality though is that the ticket aggregator listings are cherry-picked. Why else is there a ticket broker that offered the cheapest price 37% of the time in the study sample, which includes 3 ticket search engines among the 13 sites compared? Even Seat Geek, which often includes other search engine sites in its results, did not list this broker even once.

Who is this ticket broker? Find out right here.

But ticket aggregators do have other things to offer in addition to bigger per-purchase savings. With ticket search engines you can:

  • Bid on tickets and possibly save more money than you might imagine,
  • Track an event in order to monitor price changes,
  • Examine a team’s price history to find out what is the best time and the best place to buy NFL tickets.

Compare the top sports ticket search engines here.

But if you’ve learned anything by now, it’s that even the best ticket sites are lacking. If you want to save big - consistently and cumulatively - do not rely on any single source for NFL tickets.

The best place to buy NFL tickets is…

Not NFL Ticket Exchange. Not StubHub, Vivid Seats, ScoreBig, TiqIQ… but all of these sites.

That’s right - the only way to find the cheapest tickets every time is to compare prices across the board. But since there are no sites that effectively accomplish this, what are you supposed to do?

The way I see it, you can:

  • Spend years building the ultimate sports ticket search engine, or…

  • Spend hours each week searching 10-15 web sites, or…

  • Spend minutes checking out the best ticket deals for your team, delivered right to your inbox if you subscribe to the NFL Cheapskate Newsletter.

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