The Best Tailgate Party Games
For Under $100

The best tailgate party games aren’t just fun…

They also have the ability to take you back to a more carefree time…

Like college.

You remember college… It was a time when…

  • You had hair.
  • You subsisted on a diet of pizza & beer without gaining weight.
  • You were able to party all night & still wake up for class in the morning.
  • You could have a great time with little money.

Now you earn a lot more money, but you also have a lot more expenses. And so while you really wanted to have a tailgate party to remember, you don’t want to spend yet another $100 or more on games.

Guess what? You don’t have to, and that doesn’t mean settling for a lame card game or touch football.

Let’s start with…

Two of the best tailgate party games…

That are also 2 of the most popular: corn hole and beer pong.

Set of Corn Hole boards, painted: $150 & up.
Tailgate Toss: $50-$85, depending on your team.

Best Tailgate Party Games Under $100
Unless you’re playing in a tournament, do you really need a regulation-sized corn hole board? Tailgate Toss is essentially a mini corn hole game. At approximately ¾ the size (36″x 25″x 4″), it is small enough to be transported easily, yet large enough to feel like the real thing, and a helluva lot cheaper.

Buy Tailgate Toss.

Full size (8-foot) Beer Pong table: $90 & up.
6-foot Beer Pong table: $72.99

Not only is smaller cheaper, but here are 2 more reasons that 72 inches is better than 96:

  • If the parking lot is especially crowded, 2 feet can mean the difference between “violating” a tailgating boundary or staying within your space.
  • The larger the table, the harder it is to get the balls in the cup. This makes the game last longer, and more beer = more money.

Get a GoPong 6-foot Beer Pong Table for only $72.99.

For a limited time, get a GoPong 8-foot Beer Pong Table for $79.99 (they won’t last long at this price).

And two games that are lesser known…

But no less fun, proving that the best tailgate party games needn’t be expensive.

led-football   led-shot-glass
A Shot in the Dark.  (LED football + LED shot glasses) + your favorite booze = instant tailgating game (with a made up name) for $40, played after dark of course. Price of hooch not included.

Dizzy Bat.   Has there ever been a more debaucherous game for $11? It’s also more fun as a spectator than participant:

Dizzy Bat is just $10.95 here.

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