The Best Tailgate Party Gear Ideas
That Are Actually Useful

The best tailgate party gear does not need…

  • A clever name that includes “E-Z”, “ultimate”, or is a cheesy combination of words, or,
  • A shameless marketing campaign.

As an example of both, I give you the now defunct Grooler:

Really…“Jimmy Football”!?!

For a mere $125!?!?  Riiiight.

Top tailgate party accessories are more substance than style, and they’re the stuff that you don’t have to talk yourself into using. And not only do they suit your tailgate party needs, but they will also save you…

  • Space.   For those times when every available spot is taken, space is at a premium, so you’ve got to make the most of your 9’ X 8’ parking area.
    And if the tailgate party involves a large vehicle and a lot of people, then that space will suddenly feel like a subway car at rush hour.

  • Hassle.   Organizing a barbecue in your own backyard is one thing; doing it in a parking lot that is shared by thousands of people is another, so tailgating ideas that save you unnecessary trouble are a godsend.

  • Time.   See above.

  • Money.  Because if you’re independently wealthy, you’re probably not going to be grilling burgers in Lot C.

So enough with the tailgate party gadgets that end up gathering dust in the dark corners of your garage - you know, the ones that seemed like a good idea - at the time.

You’re a meat-and-potatoes NFL fan, and what you need are…

The best tailgate party gear you can actually use

Magnetic Beer Koozies.  Unless you drove a Mini Cooper to the stadium, chances are that there is more surface space on the sides of your vehicle then there is on your table -- if you even have the room for one.

No table, no chairs with cup holders, no worry - keep your drinks cold and handy with these colorful koozies that magnetize to any metal surface.

Top Tailgate Party Gear
Portable Trash Bag Holder.  Let me guess - you weigh down your trash bags with a can or bottle, or you tie it to the handle of your car, so who needs this? You do, unless you like chasing it around the parking lot after the inevitable gust of wind takes it for a ride. Besides, who’s got the room for a trash can?

Only $19.61 here.

Handheld Portable Shower.  For your hands, ok? If you actually need to shower after a tailgate party - well, let’s not go there.

I can think of 3 instances during tailgating when you wish you had running water:
  • You just finished using an especially vile Port-O-Potty.
  • You’re handling raw meat.
  • You just demolished some ribs, or some other equally messy finger food.
Well you’ve got your wish. And while it won’t heat the water, it sure beats having someone pour drinking water over your hands or using 9 packs of moist towelettes.

Best Tailgating Ideas: Tailgate Beer Pong Table
Truck Tailgate Beer Pong Table.  If the friendly, “Tailgating is allowed in your parking space only…” signs aren’t enough, you also have the scooter cops to remind you.

But if you have a pickup truck, then you can play beer pong without have to use more space then you’re allowed.

Hitch Mounted Tailgate Table.  Another tailgating idea that is space efficient as well as super convenient, if your vehicle has a hitch, that is. It weighs 22 pounds, has a surface area of 48” x 24”, and mounts in seconds.

Get it here.

BBQ Grill Mats.   Throw away the grill brush and cleaner. This non-stick, reusable, mat will pay for itself after just a couple of uses. It's perfect for stuff like bacon, shrimp, and veggies, and great for pizza. And yes, the food will have grill marks.

Excellent reviews on Amazon, and only $9.95 for two.

Instagate.  Was this invented by a magician? Open up this 13 x 12 x 12 inch “Tailgate in a Box” and out comes a foldable grill with a 115 sq. inch cooking surface, a 3-pc. BBQ tool set, a 3-lb. bag of charcoal, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, & a bottle opener.

It’s not going to replace an actual tailgate grill, but when you’re short on space and time - clean up is a snap, and everything goes right back in the box - for just 25 bucks, this is a great solution.

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