The Best Ticket Brokers Will Save You Wads of Cash

When it comes to NFL tickets, are the best ticket brokers the ones that save you money.

Schedule of Fees and Charges. The price charged to User's credit card beyond the price of the individual tickets shall include the following fees and charges:

Service Fee: Cost per ticket associated with site operation, customer service center operation, and other costs associated with the fulfill- ment of User's ticket request.
That’s it. Really.

Oh, you’ll see a lot of claims and boasts designed to get you hooked. And if you’re reeled in, first you’ll get this   → →

The best ticket brokers don’t charge you this!
Which will then lead to this.
And before you know what hit you, you’ve just dropped $700 for a pair of tickets, and more than one-fifths of that was for fees & shipping alone.

To be fair, NFL ticket prices aren’t always this ridiculous, but if you want to avoid these scenarios, you’ve got to cut through the crap:

“The official marketplace of the NFL”.   It’s official, alright - the NFL Ticket Exchange will cost you.

“The world's largest ticket marketplace”.  StubHub may be the largest, but it’s not the cheapest. If it was, you’d might be able to tolerate this.

“100% authentic tickets”. “Always on time”.  Well, duh!?! The fact that their product would be totally useless if they weren’t real or on time makes these statements, well, useless. I mean, what if other industries did the same thing in their promos?

  • United Airlines: “All of our planes fly!”
  • Bank of America: “Our money is real!”

“Low service fees”. “No service fees”.  Ticket brokers without service fees don’t necessarily have better prices, as some will have low fees while jacking up the base cost. The best brokers don’t do that.

“Lower prices”.  Even if it were true, consistently low prices work in your favor when you buy frequently or in volume, but for occasional purchases - like NFL tickets - it’s about the extremes and how you can use them to your advantage.

NFL Ticket Brokers Average Cheapest Seat (2015)

So like I said, you don’t want consistency. As I mentioned on my page about NFL ticket prices, the difference in the cost of the same or similar seat from one broker to another can be quite large.

Take for example, these 2 figures:
$118 $323.65

The vast disparity would seem to indicate that the prices are for different seats and/or for different games, but in fact those are what 2 separate ticket sites were charging in week 15 of the 2015 season for the nearly the same seats, same game.

Now this is what you do want, because you can simply ignore or avoid the highs.

So it doesn’t matter if Gold Coast Tickets had the highest price on average for a cheap seat among 9 major NFL ticket brokers in 2015. What matters is that there were 7 occasions when it had the lowest price.

The best ticket brokers will offer you that… not every single week, but enough times during the course of a season to save you some serious cash.

The Best Ticket Brokers Will Offer You This...

In a 12 week, 103 game sample from 2015, one ticket broker had the lowest average price 38 times (36.7%), and two others had the lowest 21 times apiece.

If you want to save money, then your loyalty should be to your bank account, not to a web site. So don’t rely on just one - use as many ticket brokers as you can to your advantage.

So who are the best ticket brokers?

The 2016 NFL season is here. Which ticket brokers or broker will save you the most money on NFL tickets? Find out here.


Are you tired of your ticket broker? Want to try something new? See what the best sports ticket search engines can do for you.

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