Cheaper Buffalo Bills Stadium Parking Options

The Buffalo Bills Stadium parking lot is really like any of the other NFL football stadiums - it's not large enough to accommodate everyone that drives to the games.

Ralph Wilson Stadium has approximately 16,000 parking spaces but there is likely about 20,000 on hand for games that are sold out. Have you ever seen a size-7 woman trying to Houdini into a size-4 dress? It just doesn't work…

Given the fact that the price of parking at Ralph Wilson Stadium is about average - $25 without a pre-paid permit - you would want to consider that as your first option, especially since you don't want to miss out on one of top-5 tailgating experiences.

But maybe the spots sold out quickly and you're left out. Or maybe you weren't planning on tailgating anyway. Or just maybe you're one of those NFL fans that is tired of overpaying and tries to save a few bucks whenever the opportunity arises.

If that sounds like you, then here are some cheaper alternatives:

  • Hammer's Lot    This is the largest and closest privately owned lot around the stadium and is the official unofficial secondary tailgating lot for Bills fans. At $20 though it's not much cheaper.
  • Thurston Ave    This small, paved lot at the corner of Thurston Avenue & Abbott Road costs $15 and is about a half-mile from Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • Other spots    There are several other places in the immediate area that are reportedly even cheaper if you're willing to haggle. The Red Carpet Inn is just a minute away, and there are a number of private houses on Abbott Rd., Big Tree Rd., and Southwestern Blvd. that will let you park on their lawn.

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