3 Ways To Get Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys

Find your cheap NFL authentic jerseys
Cheap authentic NFL jerseys?

Well, you can get a Nike Game jersey for “only” $100, but if you want something that’ll last for years without resorting to dry cleaning, it’s $150 for the Nike Limited.

But if you want an NFL jersey just like the pros wear, the Nike Elite will cost you 300 bucks, which is more than you’d pay for this Ralph Lauren suit.

Pay now or pay later?

It’s prices like these that make the counterfeit jersey industry so big, because you can get cheap jerseys from China for as little as $20. But you get what you pay for.

So while you might luck out and get a well-made knockoff, there’s a good chance that you could end up with a garment that will fall apart after a few wash cycles.

But if you’re willing to compromise, there are in fact ways to…

Get your cheap authentic NFL jerseys

1. Buy the former jersey of a player that’s switched teams. Nothing says discount like an old player on a new team. This especially works if player trumps team - i.e., a player whose stature & reputation is more renowned than the teams he’s played for.

Here are 2 prime examples:

When is this not a good idea? Even though a Darrelle Revis Patriots Game Jersey is 55% cheaper than his current team’s version, as a Jets fan I can tell you that wearing any Patriots jersey to MetLife Stadium would be a huge mistake.

2. Get a youth jersey. Seriously. Youth jerseys cost about 25% less, and the differences between a youth XL and an adult large are quite are minimal, at least as far as chest measurements go. While the 1-3 inch difference in length makes this a limited option for most men, budget-conscious women should take advantage.

Boys youth sizes L & XL can accommodate most large women and are 21% cheaper, while girls L and XL youth jerseys fit most adult women that wear small or medium, and they cost 31% less.

  Youth Adult
Male Chest 39.5 42.5 35-37.5 37.5-41 41-44
Length 27 29 29 30 31
Female Chest 35 36.5 32.5-35.5 35.5-38 38-41
Length (Youth) Waist (Adult) 24.6 25 26-29 29-31.5 31.5-34.5

3. Other brands/older jerseys. There are 3 other brands of cheap NFL authentic jerseys that cost less than Nike, each with different price ranges and drawbacks.

And there you have it… so maybe you won’t end up with a LeSean McCoy Bills Nike jersey. Or a jersey of J.J. Watt or Odell Beckham Jr. Maybe it won’t be a Nike at all. Or perhaps it won’t fit you perfectly (does it ever?).

But you will have gotten your authentic NFL jerseys cheap - that’s right, we’re talking plural, because they may be cheap enough for you to get two, & they’ll last you for years to come.

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