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Looking for cheap sports tickets online?

By now you should know that searching for “cheap nfl tickets no fees” is pointless. (If you don’t know, read this).

So if it’s not about fees, then what? Service?

Sure, service is important, but any legit website these days is going to provide decent customer service at the very least, that is, if it wants to last.

What about reputation? If you think about it, is there really anything, aside from the name, that sets StubHub apart from the rest?

A good way to vet a ticket broker site is to check the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB).

The bottom line

What about price? That’s got to be it, right? Wouldn’t you rather go with a lesser known website that will consistently save you money? But how do you find these sites?

Good question…

In a random sampling of 103 games from 2015, here are the average ticket prices of the cheapest available seat (min. 2, fees included) from 9 major sports ticket brokers:

Who are the best sports ticket brokers?

So if you’re looking for a broker that consistently offers cheap sports tickets, you’ve found it - or 2 or 3, actually.

While consistency is good, it’s not really what you should be seeking, because while the cheapest sites would save you about $22 on average, you can do much better.

Here are the results from the sample when comparing the lowest and highest prices for each game (same or similar seats):

Avg. difference between lowest-highest broker listing $40.48
Number of times difference ≥ $50 25
Number of times difference ≥ $60 19
Number of times difference ≥ $70 9
Number of times difference ≥ $80 7
Number of times difference ≥ $90 6
Number of times difference ≥ $100 3

As you can see, you’d save $50 - $100 on occasion, assuming you went from the most expensive reseller to the cheapest. But what if you simply ignored the highest priced ones, or didn’t even know they exist?

Well if that’s the case, let’s examine the difference between the lowest broker listing and the next lowest. The average difference was a mere $8, but 27% of the time (28 of 103) you stood to save $10 or more.

Avg. difference between lowest & next lowest broker $8.01
Number of times difference ≥ $10 28
Number of times difference ≥ $20 11
Number of times difference ≥ $30 2
Number of times difference ≥ $40 1
Note: the prices used in this study were the final cost, but were taken from listings 2-3 weeks before the game.

Now depending upon your habits (or lack thereof), your savings would likely fall somewhere in between $10-$100. But if there’s a chance that you could save $10 or more per ticket each time, wouldn’t you take it??

So what I’m saying is, that when it comes to prices, you want highs and lows. You don’t want high prices, of course, but without the highs, there wouldn’t be any lows, and you can simply ignore or avoid those highs.

The point is, it doesn’t matter if Gold Coast Tickets had the highest price on average for a cheap seat among 9 major NFL ticket brokers in 2015. What matters is that there were 7 occasions when it had the lowest price.

If you're still not clear, let's use Macy's as an analogy. Back in the day - that is, before Amazon made big box retailers obsolete - you could save as much as 50% when Macy's ran their sales. As long as you could take advantage of those sales, it didn’t matter what their normal prices were.

Which brokers then had the most cheap football tickets to offer in 2015?

The best sports ticket brokers will save you money.

VividSeats had the lowest price 38 times (37%).
StubHub and TicketMonster 21 times each (20%).

For the 2016 season, TickPick, a no service fees reseller, was added to the mix. See the results here.

What about the 2017 season, you ask? Out of 100 games sampled, here are the number of times a sports ticket broker had the cheapest price:

TickPick 45
TicketIQ 29
VividSeats 11
StubHub 9
SeatGeek 3
CaptainTicket 3
Prices are from June-July 2017

The top cheap sport ticket brokers

Broker Years included for study No. times lowest price
TickPick 2016-2017 91
VividSeats 2015-2017 63
StubHub 2015-2017 41
TicketIQ 2017 29

Bottom line? The best sports ticket brokers will save you money.

Over a two year period, TickPick offered the lowest price when compared to 9 other ticket resellers 46 times in 2016; in 2017, 45 times vs. 14 other sites.

Over the course of three seasons, VividSeats had the cheapest tickets 63 times.

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