Top Offsite Metlife Stadium Parking Spots

Metlife Stadium Parking
A real headache at times…
If you’re not from the New York City area and have only heard the horror stories about the parking……

Let me tell you, they’re all true.

But that’s not the reason why finding MetLife Stadium parking can be a problem.

Despite being located in the shadow of Manhattan, the immediate, walking-distance area around the stadium is strangely barren, especially when it comes to parking facilities.

Most of the lots within a few miles are located a tunnel & a ($15) toll away in Manhattan, where monthly parking spaces can cost as much as monthly rents in other areas.

Offsite MetLife Stadium parking alternatives

At $30 (Giants) and $25 (Jets), face value prices for MetLife Stadium parking passes are actually below the league average, but don’t let that fool you. Depending on the game, I’ve seen parking spots go for well over 100 bucks online.

The following offsite parking spots will require some walking or a shuttle ride to get to the stadium, but you’ll also save a good chunk of change, for a change.

$35.   Country Club Services, 20 Murray Hill Parkway, E.Rutherford, NJ For $35 you get parking and a free shuttle ride at this tailgating permitted lot located 2 miles from Metlife Stadium.

$25 & up.   Redd's Restaurant & Bar, 317 Washington Ave, Carlstadt, NJ. Free shuttle ride, appetizer, and more at this local sports bar bargain.

$24.50.  Edison Park Fast Park 'n' Ride, 675 New County Road Secaucus, NJ. It will cost you $20 for a space and $4.50 for rail fare to the stadium at this New Jersey Transit depot in nearby Secaucus. No tailgating allowed.

$19 & up.  Icon Parking. If you're traveling to the game from Long Island then crossing that second bridge may just be more than you can take.

Instead, you can find cheap parking in midtown Manhattan (yes, you read that right) by using Icon Parking Systems. You will see a lot of listings for over $20, $30, & even $50, but keep looking, the ones for under 20 bucks are there.

Free.   Stop and Shop, 625 Paterson Ave, Carlstadt, NJ. The #160 & #703 buses stop right there. I can't really condone this, so unless you're a broke college student and/or unemployed and you just happened to luck into some free Giants or Jets tickets you have little excuse to park here. Unless of course you really are out of work…

Free.  Hilton Meadowlands, 2 Meadowlands Plaza, E Rutherford. There is no valet parking so they usually don't check the cars at this hotel that's located just on the other side of Route 3. Again, not recommended for obvious reasons and because if you do park here then it'll be quite an adventure crossing Route 3 on foot.

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You've just saved on parking, now it's time to save on your tailgate party.

Need last-minute tickets to a Jets or Giants home game?  Compare prices here.

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