How To Save Some Cash On Fedex Field Parking

Save money with alternative Fedex Field parking

It’s easy to find Fedex Field parking at reasonable rates…

Said no one. Ever.

With one of the largest parking capacities (22,000 spaces) to work with, you’d think that finding a parking pass for the Washington Redskins stadium would be easy, right?

Going to a Redskins game will cost more this season.

Think again. The team boasts a top 5 average attendance record (78,000 per game), so do the math, it’s not pretty.

Offsite parking? There is a dearth of parking facilities in the vicinity.

Public transportation? The nearest metro rail station is a mile away.

Shuttle service from local pubs? I don’t think there’s a sports bar within 10 miles.

So with demand kicking the crap out of supply, fans in need of parking end up spending as much as $140 on StubHub for the 11/29/15 game vs. the NY Giants.

You think that’s expensive?

$100+ parking for Redskins games is bad enough, but it's even more of a low blow when you consider that you're already paying (for parking in the stadium lot) even when you don't come in a car.

All this, for a team that…

  • May have to change its name
  • Is planning to move
  • Has one winning season in the last seven

Just imagine what the parking would cost otherwise!

Cheap Fedex Field parking alternatives

Park and Ride.   Game day parking rates at the Morgan Boulevard and Largo Town Center Metrorail stations is just $15. They’re both about a mile from Fedex Field, but you can take the bus or use a car-sharing service to get to the stadium.

Jericho City of Praise Church. It’s a 3-minute walk and will cost you $40. Praise the Lord.

Arena Plaza Shopping Center. 25 bucks, and it’s only a half-mile away

Penn Parking. $33 parking for most Redskins games (.6 miles away).

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4 Ways Washington Redskins Fans Can Save Money
4 Ways Washington Redskins Fans Can Save Money

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