Reading This Can Save You Hundreds On Gillette Stadium Parking

It’s not easy being a New England Patriots fan…

Sure, they’re one of the most successful NFL teams ever, and the current champions.

But it can typically cost $200 for a Gillette Stadium parking pass on a ticket broker site, and that’s just for the general admission lots. The ones closest to the stadium can easily go for $600.

Cheap Gillette Stadium Parking Alternatives
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Again, such is the price of success.

It's not Boston…

There was a time however, not too long ago, that you could park your car on the lawns or driveways of nearby neighborhood homes for just 10 or 15 bucks, but a Foxborough town meeting in 2012 put an abrupt end to that.

And since this is Foxborough and not Boston, cheap Patriots parking alternatives are hard to come by, but there are a few.

So unless you want to pay hundreds for parking - on top of the hundreds that the game tickets cost -- I’d suggest you check out these…

4 ways to save on Gillette Stadium parking

Save $150.   Some people think that because it’s called Patriot Place, and it’s right next door, it’s an extension of Gillette Stadium. It’s not. Of course no one can stop you from parking there, but since there’s a 2-hour limit, there’s sure to be a ticket on your windshield after the game. By not parking here you’ll save yourself a $150 fine.

Now, using $200 as a theoretical price point, you can also:

Save $134 - $155. You can reserve parking online at one of 2 spots (both are about 1 mile from the stadium) here.

Save $150. For 50 bucks, Foxborough Terminals is the next best thing to parking at Gillette. It’s about .8 miles away, and tailgating is allowed.

Save $160. Route 1 Liquor Mart is the cheapest alternative parking site in the area (.7 miles). Tailgating is permitted, but limited, I believe. Well at least you won’t have far to go if you need to restock on booze.

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How New England Patriots fans save money
How New England Patriots fans save money