Best Ways For Houston Texans Fans
To Save Money

How Houston Texans fans save money at NRG Stadium
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Houston Texans fans are well aware that they support Texas’s other NFL team.

As a franchise, the Texans are:

  • Less notorious
  • Less successful
  • Less valuable
  • In a smaller media market

This is not a knock on the team nor their fans, but merely fodder for the following question --

If the Texans are the “lesser” team, shouldn’t their fans be paying lesser prices?

That certainly is not the case, at least not in 2015:

  Real Cost Index Real Cost Ratio
Dallas Cowboys $938.28 19.79%
Houston Texans $1101.63 23.30%
Based upon latest data from

The real cost index is the same as the Fan Cost Index, but uses secondary market prices for tickets & parking passes. The real cost ratio is the real cost index ÷ monthly median income.

How can Houston Texans fans save?

Cheap tickets.  According to Captain Obvious, the cheap seats are cheaper. And Mariah Carey needs miming lessons. But cheap Texans tickets are very cheap.

Sidebar:  The cheap seat designation refers to the lowest price available per seat for a particular game at a particular time (minimum purchase of two, standing room only excluded).
For moderately successful teams such as the Texans, the average cheap seat price is normally 60%-70% of the average overall price of tickets on the secondary market for that team.

The fact that the average cheap seat cost of $132 (2015) & $141 (2016) for the last two home openers fell within that range (63%) is all the more remarkable when you consider that home openers are typically among the most expensive games of the season.

More on NFL ticket prices.

Cheap food.  Most stadium food is well, stadium food, and it’s usually anything but cheap. But not only has the fare at NRG Stadium has gotten good reviews (#5 on in 2010, “A” grade from Bleacher Report in 2012), the prices are reasonable as well. Take the brisket sandwich at Killen’s BBQ, for instance. At 8 bucks, it’s half the cost of the Lobel’s prime rib sandwich at MetLife Stadium.

Then there’s the “value items” that most NFL stadiums don’t offer…

  • 12-oz. Dasani water ($2)
  • Regular draft beer ($5)
  • Coca-Cola combos (Coke and nachos or hot dog for $5)
  • Chicken tenders/chicken wings basket ($10)
…at prices that make them bargains.

Outside the stadium, there’s Lucky’s Pub.  Lots of big TV screens, $8.95 Pulled Pork sandwiches & Fish Tacos, free parking and shuttle ride to NRG Stadium makes this place an absolute must for those on a budget.

Cheap parking.  The face value cost of a Texans parking pass ($35) is less than half that for AT&T Stadium, but that doesn’t mean you should grab one at the first opportunity. Besides, you can easily pay double that amount if you buy from an online ticket broker.

Here are the best places to park for a Houston Texans game, no frills:

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