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For Saving Money

What’s it like financially for the average Philadelphia Eagles fan?

Their real cost index of $1099 for 20151 was 8th-highest…

While the real cost ratio (real cost index ÷ monthly income1) of 21.95% ranked 11th.

All in all, not too bad…

But it depends on how you look at it.

Because while the average initial cost for an Eagles ticket dropped from 11th-highest in 2015 ($2382) to 15th for the upcoming 2017 season, the actual price increased by $10.

1 (latest data)

Not only that, but the average initial cheap seat price of $136.22 is tied for 6th most expensive.

In other words, it’s still too easy for a typical Eagles fan to spend way more than she wants to…

Do's & don'ts the average Philadelphia Eagles fan


Can you get Philadelphia Eagles tickets for less? Yes, if you do take advantage of standing room only tickets. Ok, it’s standing room only, but before you dismiss the thought, consider this: the cheapest SRO ticket, based on the list price (as of 5/27/17) from 8 major ticket brokers & 3 ticket search engines, averages $115 for the season.

That figure is $133 less than the initial 2017 average cost of an Eagles home game ticket on the secondary market (according to TicketIQ). So yes, you’ll have to stand, and the view is less than optimal , but the savings equate to a Nike NFL Game jersey or even tickets to another game, just sayin’

Don’t bother with this if you’re taking a date or small children to the game. Instead, stick with the regular upper deck seating. The cheapest tickets, on average, are only about 15% more than standing room prices.


Official parking for the Philadelphia Eagles encompasses all of the available spaces in the sports complex, which includes Citizens Bank Park & Wells Fargo Center, in addition to nearby 350-acre FDR Park. You would think that, with all of these spaces, finding a spot at a reasonable price would be a snap.

Good luck with that. Pre-paid parking passes are $40, but are only available to season ticket holders. For everyone else, it’s either take your chances at the gate or overpay a ticket broker. If you’re going to go the ticket broker route, do examine the data below. As is the case with NFL tickets, parking passes can also vary wildly in cost from broker to broker.

Coast To
$107.50 $115.85 $144.75 $125.20 $73
Prices are for Eagles Sep 24 home opener as of 5/27/17 & include all fees

Ok, so where to park near Lincoln Financial Field if you can’t get a parking pass online?

Do the Taxi Crab. What is the Taxi Crab? It’s a free shuttle to the Linc (and back) , courtesy of Chickie’s & Pete’s Sports Bar, where valet parking costs just $25.

Don’t think you’re going to park for free at FDR Park. That used to be the case.

Don’t bother with Xfinity Live! parking - the cost is $50, unless you’re going to arrive one hour after the game starts, in which case it’s free.

Here are a couple of resources you might want to check out - both of them mention free parking, but it’s probably too good to be true.


Do try the food at the stadium. It’s not often that I recommend ballpark fare, but not only does Lincoln Financial Field get an A+ rating from Bleacher Report, you get exceptional value as well.

    Good value at Lincoln Financial Field
  • Zac’s Burgers - Their “Zac Pack” (4 burgers for $16) is hard to beat, and their other specials aren’t too shabby either.

  • Tony Luke’s - Not only is their cheese steak “a few inches longer…” than their competitors, it was named as the “Best Sandwich at the Ballpark, 2004” and voted into Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly Hall of Fame” food (1994). All this for just $10.50. (Source:

  • McNally’s Tavern - “The Schmitter” is 12 bucks well spent for this iconic, jacked-up, & very filling sandwich.

How a Philadelphia Eagles fan saves money
By Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina [Public domain]
via Wikimedia Commons
Don’t go for Chickie’s & Pete’s famous Crab Fries inside the Linc, not when they cost half as much at their Packer Avenue location which is just a short shuttle ride away.

If you’re truly hungry, don’t bother with Xfinity Live! and its $10 pretzels & $15 burgers. Well at least they have cheerleaders.


Save money on beer near Lincoln Financial Field
By Peetlesnumber1 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Don’t drink at the stadium. A 12-ounce beer costs $8.50, making it the most expensive per ounce among NFL stadiums. Why should a Philadelphia Eagles fan bother?

Do enjoy Chickie’s & Pete’s drink specials, like $2.50 Bud & $3.50 Shocktop all day on Sundays.

Do try some of the 55 beers on tap at Xfinity Live! Their 16-oz. drafts range from $5 to $8. If you’re doing the math, that’s .31¢ - .50¢ per ounce, compared to .71¢ per at Lincoln Financial Field.

If you’re with a group, do take advantage of Victory Beer Hall’s (at Xfinity Live!) 84-oz. fish bowl cocktails for $30, which works out to $2.86 per 8 ounces.

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