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Save Money At CenturyLink Field

How to save money at CenturyLink Field
Has a ticket to CenturyLink Field for a Seattle Seahawks game become unaffordable?

If you’ve figured out a way to split the cost, then no…

Otherwise, the astronomical price makes it a prohibitive, once-in-a-blue-moon purchase, even for the high-income residents of Seattle.

Secondary market for Seahawks’ tickets climbs to an average of $466.

CenturyLink Field is expensive

Yes, the median household income of $80,349 in Seattle (2015) was 44% higher than the national average, but the price of a Seahawks ticket on the secondary market at the beginning of the 2016 season was a whopping 88% more than the NFL average of $248.

And if you think this is a fluke, well, 2016 marks the third straight season that the ‘Hawks have had the highest resale ticket price. The average for those 3 years? $449.74.

While saving on tickets is clearly a priority for Seahawks fans, this will not be a part of this discussion, at least for now.

Sure, if you were a subscriber to my newsletter - or you did the research yourself - you could have saved as much as $133 for a ticket in Section 314 for the 2016 home opener, but saving money on NFL tickets is a week to week, hit-or-miss proposition.

More on NFL ticket prices.

Instead, we’re going to focus on other ways to save money on game day. Lest you forget, the $466 doesn’t include parking, food, or beer. And since CenturyLink Field is located just south of downtown Seattle (“SoDo”), there are many more places just waiting to take your cash. Luckily for you, more opportunities to spend also means more opportunities to save.

How to save at CenturyLink Field

Alternative parking.   $80, $90, $100 or more for a CLink parking pass in addition to $400 tickets, or $0, $5, $10 for a nearby space? Yes, that was a zero ($0). Find the best cheap CenturyLink Field parking alternatives here.

Dive bars.   Did you just scrunch your face at the term, “dive bars”? Well, if you’re a hardcore tailgater, then the fan-organized Hawk Alley tailgate party is the place to be before games.

If you’re toting young ones, then you might consider the more family-oriented Touchdown City (face painting! hair-coloring!)

Otherwise, if you just want good, basic bar food, strong drinks, & TV screens galore at dirt cheap prices outside of the stadium, then dive bars it is, and there are several within a few miles of CenturyLink.

And for you beer lovers, there are also good microbreweries nearby where you can get your drink on for cheap:

Seahawks games rank second in overpriced beer.

Avoid tourist traps.   Reviewing tourist attractions should be left for travel sites, but there are so many sites to see around CenturyLink that even hardcore NFL fans would find it hard to resist. Unfortunately, with tourist attractions come tourist traps. Here are few to avoid:

  • The Great Wheel. Do you really want to wait 45 minutes and spend $13 for a few minutes on a ferris wheel? Just sayin’.
  • Space Needle. $22 and more long lines for one of’s 10 most overrated attractions. If you want a breathtaking view of Seattle, the Volunteer Park Water Tower is less crowded and costs nothing.
  • Ride the Ducks. If you have small children, then you shouldn’t sweat the 28 bucks ($17 for kids) for this ferry tour. But if it’s just you and your buddies and/or GF, opt for the Washington State Ferry or Water Taxi, which can cost as little as five bucks.

Budget hotels.   Let’s see… there’s the Four Seasons for $450 a night, or the Sheraton for $290. But if your company’s not paying for your trip and you’re not the type to thumb your nose at less-than-4-star hotels, well there are several budget (under $110/night) hotels near CenturyLink Field with a 8.1 or better rating on

  • Belltown Inn, 2301 Third Ave
  • Loyal Inn, 2301 8th Ave
  • Holiday Inn Downtown 211 Dexter Ave N
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites, 2224 8th Ave

Be heard!

Do you know of a good, inexpensive sports bar or brewery near CenturyLink Field? (It can be from the map above or you can add your own) Then please tell us about it...

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Cheap parking near CenturyLink Field
Cheap parking near CenturyLink Field

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