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According to CNN Money, Fedex Field tops the list of most expensive NFL stadiums.

“…as Redskins loyalists will soon discover, being a fan can be more expensive depending on where you live.” - CNN Money
Based upon data from Team Marketing Report, it costs $272.17 for 2 people to watch the home team play at Washington Redskins stadium.

I’m not sure how they arrived at that figure, but using the same report, I came up with a total of $336.54.

Those numbers, of course, are based on the face value prices of the tickets and parking pass, which most of us don’t have access to, so if you plug in the resale costs, your total is suddenly $554.

A Fedex Field miracle?

An anomaly is what it is…

The Washington Redskins is a team that…

  • Is the 3rd most valuable NFL franchise¹
  • plays in the 11th-largest media market (U.S.)²
  • is located in the 5th most expensive city in the U.S³.
Sources: 1Wikipedia, 2Reddit, 3Investopedia.

So surely their ticket prices are among the most expensive on the secondary market, right?

Well that’s not the case at all.

While face value costs for Redskins tickets and Fedex Field parking passes are among the highest (4th & 3rd, respectively), that’s hardly the case when it comes to the secondary ticket market:

    Average resale price (%)Difference from
avg. face value
Seattle $338 283
New England $336 157
Green Bay $295 212
Denver $288 153
Pittsburgh $265 183
Chicago $233 77
Dallas $199 81
Houston $198 109
San Francisco $192 64
Minnesota $191 108
Los Angeles $181 149
Baltimore $179 60
NY Giants $173 40.19
Washington $168 40.56
Philadelphia $164 66
Tennessee $161 140
Jacksonville $160 161
Carolina $149 89
New Orleans $145 59
NY Jets $143 29
Indianapolis $132 51
Miami $126 28
Arizona $125 42
Buffalo $123 39
Oakland $122 72
Tampa Bay $113 52
Cleveland $105 51
Cincinnati $95 28
Atlanta $91 15
San Diego $83 -2
Detroit $78 -9
Kansas City $61 -17

Prior to the start of the season, the Redskins average resale price of $168 was the fourteenth-highest, while their difference (over face value) of +40.56% ranked 22nd. Furthermore, the price ranks just 7th out of the 12 teams that made the playoffs in 2015, and 6 of the teams with higher prices weren’t nearly as successful last season (avg. 5.5 wins).

Ok, so it’s not a miracle, but perhaps God is a Redskins fan after all, because not only are ticket prices lower than you’d expect, it actually gets better.

3 tips that will save you money at Fedex Field

1. Wait a few months to buy tickets.  It’s common for ticket prices to drop as the season progresses, with team success (or lack of) & weather among the influencing factors.

Year Avg. ticket price (resale) Aug.1 Avg. ticket price (resale) Nov.30
2015 $134 $105
2014 $126 $91
2013 $167 $120
2012 $120 $149
2011 $130 $135
2010 $158 $118
6-yr. average $143 $119
Based on data from SeatGeek

The Redskins have had 4 losing seasons out of the past 6. In 2012 they finished 10-6, so the 24% increase is what you’d expect. In 2015 they were 9-7, but stood at 5-6 at the end of November. 2011 was an oddity, as prices increased, albeit slightly, despite a 5-11 record.

So it all makes sense, right? Well then, how do you explain this?

How you can save money at Fedex Field
Washington Redskins secondary market average ticket prices Aug.2016-Nov.2016

Not only do the Redskins have a winning record, as of this writing they have a 46% chance of qualifying for the post-season, and yet their secondary market ticket prices have dropped below face value.

2. Join the Hail BBQ Tailgate Party.  What the “hail” is this? It’s called. “forget-everything-else-because-you-won’t-top-this”. The Hail BBQ Crew are “regular fans” that host an open tailgate buffet prior to every home game, free of charge. Too good to be true? Well, they do ask for a donation of $10-$20 per person, but even if you double that, it’s a bargain -- just check out this menu featuring Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers(!) & Dizzy Pig(!?!) for the 12/19/16 game vs. the Carolina Panthers.

3. Find alternate parking.  You would think that $57.50 (face value, $73-$200 resale) for a parking pass is bad enough, but to add insult to well, insult, there’s a parking surcharge built in to the ticket price, whether you park at the stadium or not . Scr*w that - find much cheaper Fedex Field parking right here.

2017 Washington Redskins schedule

Date Opponent Time (EST) Venue
Sep 10 Eagles 1:00 PM Fedex Field
Sep 17 Rams 4:25 PM LA Memorial Coliseum
Sep 24 Raiders 8:30 PM  
Oct 2 Chiefs 8:30 PM Arrowhead Stadium
Oct 15 49ers 1:00 PM  
Oct 23 Eagles 8:30 PM Lincoln Financial Field
Oct 29 Cowboys 4:25 PM  
Nov 5 Seahawks 4:05 PM CenturyLink Field
Nov 12 Vikings 1:00 PM  
Nov 19 Saints 1:00 PM Mercedes Benz Superdome
Nov 23 Giants 8:30 PM  
Nov 30 Cowboys 8:25 PM AT&T Stadium
Dec 10 Chargers 4:05 PM StubHub Center
Dec 17 Cardinals 1:00 PM  
Dec 24 Broncos 1:00 PM  
Dec 31 Giants 1:00 PM MetLife Stadium
  = Home game

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