How To Save A Few Bucks At Heinz Field

How to save money at Heinz Field...

If you had to define Heinz Field in one word, that word would be “beautiful”…

By all accounts it’s a beautiful stadium, in a beautiful location, in a city with reasonable, if not beautiful, prices.

Get it!
So what’s the problem?

Supply and demand.

When you have one of the most successful NFL franchises in history - one that perennially fields a competitive team - combined with a super-loyal fan base, the results are predictable -- every Steelers home game since 1972 has been sold out.

And so, the 14th-highest average face value ticket in 2016 becomes the 8th-highest on the secondary ticket market. What’s more, the $222.53 difference is the 7th-highest among NFL teams.

2016 Ticket Prices NFL Steelers Difference
Avg. Face Value Price $92.98 $93.56 +.6%
Avg. Initial Resale Price $243.36 $316.09 +30%

With the demand far outreaching the supply, getting Pittsburgh Steelers tickets can be a financial burden, never mind the added expense of Heinz Field and all the surrounding area has to offer.

Here are some tips to help you with both…

A few ways to save a few bucks at Heinz Field

Tickets.   As you can see, Steelers home games can be pricey. But if you’re willing to wait until the last minute, you can lop nearly one-third off the going cost. According to SeatGeek, over the past five years fans who purchased Pittsburgh Steelers tickets the week of the game saved 32% compared to those who bought tickets a month or more out from the game.

Current (as of 5/7) get-in price for the Steelers 2017 home opener at Heinz Field:

Coast To
$162 $158 $160 $161 $180 $159 $179 $170 $153 $161 $156

Food. At Buckhead Saloon you can get a 1/2-lb burger for $9.95, or a generous-sized hoagie, brisket, or Reuben sandwich for $12.95. Buckhead is located down the block from the Station Square East garage, where it’ll cost you just $10 to park you car. From there, you can ride the T line shuttle to the stadium for free.

Or, since stadium regulations permit you to bring your own food, you can take the sack lunch approach. There are several of the famous (in Pittsburgh, anyway) Primanti Bros. nearby where you can get one of their iconic sandwiches for less than the price of nachos or popcorn at Heinz Field. There is a Primanti Bros. inside the stadium, but it doesn’t offer the promotions & discounts that the outside locations do.

Beer. Buckhead Saloon offers daily drink specials, most notably to NFL fans is the $10 bottomless Mimosas and $3 domestic draft beers on Sundays.

Or, for $21 ($15 round-trip fare + $6 parking at the 24 St. garage) - which is about half the face value cost of a stadium parking pass - you can take the Pittsburgh Water Limo, where the beer is $3 and cocktails or wine is $6.

Tailgate Sailgate. For $85, you can join a “sailgate” party aboard a luxury yacht. What do you get?

  • Beer/wine,
  • All you can eat buffet,
  • A short scenic cruise,
  • Bar with flat-screen TVs, aaaand…
  • An autograph & photo opportunity with a Steeler legend.

This is really not a bad deal, especially when you consider that you can easily spend just as much or more, hosting your own medium size tailgate party.

Parking. There are over 20,000 additional parking spaces provided by the parking authority garages throughout downtown Pittsburgh. With all of these spaces, you’d think that you wouldn’t have to pay a ridiculous amount for a parking pass online, right?

How to save money on Heinz Field parking...

Here are 15 much, much cheaper Heinz Field parking options.

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