Now You Can Save 30% At Lambeau Field

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There are NFL stadiums, and then there are NFL stadiums

Lambeau Field is one that definitely needs the emphasis.

Few sports arenas, if any, can rival it when it comes to winning tradition and history.

Tradition though, can be costly, and so while Green Bay is not nearly the most expensive place to take in a game, “Titletown USA” is about more than just the game or the stadium.

There’s the Packers Hall of Fame and the stadium tour, for starters. Like Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park, it’s a must-visit when you’re there, and the combination of the two can cost you up to $69.

If money isn’t an issue, go for it. Otherwise, here are…

4 ways to save money when you’re at Lambeau Field

Using the Packers-Vikings game at Lambeau on Dec. 24, 2016 as the example, let’s begin with…

Parking.   As is the case with most NFL stadiums, the price of a parking pass can vary greatly depending on the game, and you can easily pay upwards of $100. For the Dec. 24 game, the cheapest price among the online ticket brokers was $34.50 ($27 + shipping) as of this writing, but only $22 right here. For other Lambeau Field parking options, go here.

You save: $12.50.

Tickets.  As you can see, Titletown Tickets, a site that caters to Packers fans, trumps every other ticket broker when it comes to Green Bay Packers ticket prices:

  Stub Hub Razor Gator Vivid Seats Ticket Liquidator Coast to Coast Ticket City Gold Coast Ticket Monster Tick Pick Ticket IQ Seat Geek Title Town
Sec.111 Row 25 $159 $184 $147 $147 $167 $187 $175 $162 $144 $157 $141 $125
Sec.123 Row 37 $171 $197 $159 $157 $180 $211 $189 $176 $155 $162 $152 $135
Sec.121 Row 35 $177 $180 $164 $164 $186 $171 $195 $181 $161 $167 $157 $140
Sec.121 Row 15 $189 $227 $175 $174 $199 $228 $209 $194 $172 $179 $168 $150
Ticket prices as of 12/10/2016 & include all fees (based upon a minimum of 2)

You save: $16.50 (($141.50 - $125), or 11.7%.

Tailgate Party.   If you’re not tailgating in the Lambeau Field parking lot, there’s 3 fan tailgate parties to choose from just outside the stadium: the standard ($30) & VIP ($55) packages are held at the Resch Center, while the intermediate version is at nearby D2’s Sports Pub (more info on all 3 here), which is what we’ll use for the price comparison.

For $40, you get unlimited brats, burgers, pizza, & chicken, as well as unlimited can beer & premium drinks. Unlimited! I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less, but for the purposes of this article, let’s give this a $60 value.

You save: $20.

Tours.   There are not one, nor two, but 4 tiers of the Lambeau Field tour. The Classic Tour is $15 for adults. The Champion’s Tour, for an additional 4 bucks, lets you visit the - wait for it… South End Zone!!

Sarcasm aside, at $30, the Legendary Tour is the next level, and that gives you access to the “West Side of the stadium, including the press box”, plus the visiting team’s locker room. The top tier is called the Alumni Tour ($59), because your guide is a Packers alumni.

How to save money at Lambeau Field
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Now if you want to pay $15 more for a glimpse of an end zone, press box, and the visitor’s lockers, that’s your business. And as for the Alumni Tour, why pay $44 more to meet a former Packers star when you can do that for free at the Tundra Tailgate Zone?

The TTZ is a free tailgating area located in the East parking lot, and in addition to Packers alumni appearances, you also get 15 plasma screens, live music, raffles, and the chance to win pregame passes and game tickets.

Save 30% at Lambeau Field
Packers Hall of Fame
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Instead of paying $69 for the Alumni Tour/Hall of Fame combo, go with the Classic Tour/HOF deal for $27, then hit the Tundra Tailgate Zone afterwards.

You save: $42.

Total savings: $91, or 30%.

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