Spend Big or Save Big…
A Newbie’s Guide To M&T Bank Stadium

How To Save Money at M&T Bank Stadium

A visit to M&T Bank Stadium for a Baltimore Ravens game shouldn’t be that expensive…

Not by NFL standards, anyway.

And not according to recent ticket price data: the 2016 average initial price for a ticket to a Ravens home game ranked 16th and 12th, according to TicketIQ & SeatGeek, respectively.

With middle of the pack resale ticket prices, overall game day expenses at the Ravens stadium should be comparatively sane… or so you would think.

Well isn’t that special?!

Yes, every NFL stadium has its peripheral costs, which makes the entire game day experience both amazing and expensive. In that regard, M&T Bank Stadium is no different, but at the same time, unique.

In most NFL cities, your additional costs may equal, but usually not exceed the price you paid for a ticket on the secondary market. At the Ravens stadium however, it’s far too easy to spend well beyond that amount.

What makes this stadium so special?

  • There aren’t many NFL football venues that are located in downtown anything, never mind the downtown section of the largest city of that state.

    With a Walk Score of 67, there are an abundance of options within walking distance.

  • The food.   Most stadium food is meh at best, with a few exceptions. This is one of those exceptions, with lots of quality choices.

M&T Bank Stadium Ranked As Top NFL Experience in 2016.

Simply put, more options = more ways to overspend, and so what makes this place one of the better stadium experiences also makes it potentially more expensive.

If you’re a local resident, then you don’t need to revisit the nearby attractions, you know what tourist traps to avoid - been there, done that. You know how to minimize your costs, so that even after gorging on an $18 Tailgate Burger, you spend under $125 when all is said & done.

But for you visitors, out-of-towners, & new residents, consider these…

Newbie tips for saving money at M&T Bank Stadium

Parking.  Being in downtown Baltimore has its advantages, but this is not one of them. Street parking is scarce, Ravens parking passes often go for more than double the $40 face value price online, and private lots overcharge for event parking.


  • Horseshoe Casino.   Located just south of the stadium… how conveeeenient. Nothing against casinos or gambling, but this is not where you want to be if you’re on a budget.


  • LAZ Parking. Several lots within a mile of the stadium, game day rates are anywhere from $25-$45.
  • Central Parking has a lot a bit further (1.5 miles), but you can get a spot for $20-25 less a coupon.

Attractions.   It’s all about the game, right? Baltimore is such a beautiful city with so many things to do nearby that even hardcore fans will find it hard to resist the temptation to explore.


  • The National Aquarium. $40? C’mon, really?
  • Pride of Baltimore (2 hour cruise). $49, a one hour Spirit Cruise is $19.


  • Top of the World.  A “breathtaking view of Baltimore’s skyline, harbor, and beyond” is just 6 bucks.
  • Babe Ruth Museum.   Can you really consider yourself a sports fan if you don’t go? Just $10.
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not!   $18.

Stadium food.   M&T Bank Stadium is one of the better NFL venues when it comes to food quality and choices, with no less than 10 high end food vendors or concessions (MetLife Stadium, by comparison, has 5). I define high end as a single item that costs at least 3 times as much as your basic hot dog, which in this case is $3.

A Food Critic Takes A Lap Around M&T Bank Stadium.


  • Tailgate Burger.   $18 for a burger is pricey even by NFL stadium standards. Burgers at nearby No Idea Tavern aren’t as elaborate or fancy, but are just $5.50-$8.50.
  • Crab Cake Sandwich.   Why pay $11 for an undersized portion, when you can get a bigger & better crab cakes for $16.99 at Pickles Pub.
  • Pit Beef, Pit Turkey, Italian Sausage.   Not necessarily bad choices, but like the crab cakes, you can get more for less at Gameday Firehouse ($7 Pit Turkey & Pit Beef) and Pickles ($8.99 foot long Italian Sausage).


  • Bell’s Famous Chili Bowl. Just 6 bucks.
  • RavensWalk.   In between lots B & C on the north side of the stadium, RavensWalk is the team-sponsored public pre-game tailgate experience. While there is the requisite live music, radio broadcasts, and “activities the whole family can enjoy”, what you really should take advantage of is the 2-for-1 drink specials and cheaper fare (“non-stadium priced”) at the some of the same premium food & beer stations that can be found inside the stadium.

Baltimore Ravens schedule for 2017

Date Opponent Time (EST) Venue
Sep 10 Bengals 1:00 PM Paul Brown Stadium
Sep 17 Browns 1:00 PM M&T Bank Stadium
Sep 24 Jaguars 9:30 AM Wembley Stadium
Oct 1 Steelers 1:00 PM  
Oct 8 Raiders 4:05 PM Oakland Coliseum
Oct 15 Bears 1:00 PM  
Oct 22 Vikings 1:00 PM US Bank Stadium
Oct 26 Dolphins 8:25 PM  
Nov 5 Titans 1:00 PM Nissan Stadium
Nov 19 Packers 1:00 PM Lambeau Field
Nov 27 Texans 8:30 PM  
Dec 3 Lions 1:00 PM  
Dec 10 Steelers 8:30 PM Heinz Field
Dec 17 Browns 1:00 PM FirstEnergy Stadium
Dec 23 Colts 4:30 PM  
Dec 31 Bengals 1:00 PM  
  = Home game

Add your 2 cents!

Is there a bang-for-your-buck place (sports bar, restaurant, local attraction) near M&T Bank Stadium that you can recommend? It can be from the map above or you can add your own.

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