NFL Football Helmets Are The Ultimate Gift
…And Now You Can Save 31%

As far as fan gifts go, NFL football helmets are pretty much the ultimate collector's item.

But you don't have to be a collector to own one, just a serious fan.

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Denver Broncos Replica NFL Helmet New England Patriots Replica Helmet San Francisco 49ers Replica Helmet Seattle Seahawks Replica Helmet

What's so great about them?
  • They're like shiny new toys for men.
  • They make great conversation pieces.
  • Properly displayed, they can make a man cave manlier or a sports den sportier.
  • If autographed, they increase in value considerably.

  Sideline MVP NFL Shop You Save
NFL Riddell Authentic Proline $189.00 $269.95 30%
NFL Riddell Throwback $182.50 $269.95 32%
NFL Riddell Revolution $189.00 $299.95 37%
Riddell Full-Size Replica $85.00 $99.00 14%
Riddell Mini Replica $19.95 $25.95 23%
Average savings     31%

Bigger is not necessarily better

That being said, full-size NFL helmets can be quite expensive. Just like with jerseys, the “authentic” models will cost you $200 & up, while a “replica” is usually less than half that amount. Unlike NFL jerseys however people usually don't wear the helmets, meaning there's very little reason that anyone with a limited disposable income would choose the authentic.

The main difference between the two lie in the material. Visually, the differences are minor. Replica helmets are made from ABS plastic & are a bit less shiny than the polycarbonate and steel (for the facemask) that goes into the authentic ones.

Besides the cost, space may also be a factor as full-size NFL football helmets can take up a lot of room if you do begin to start a collection.

So whether your a budding collector or simply shopping for NFL gifts you should consider mini NFL football helmets. At roughly one-half the size and one-tenth the cost of full-size helmets, it is the practical - and sane - alternative.

Full Size Approx. Price Dimensions (L x W x H)
Authentic $200 12.5" x 9" x 9.5"
Throwback $200 and up  
Revolution $200 - $225  
Replica $85 - $100  
Chrome $400  
Fiber Optic $75 - $175  
Mini Helmet    
Authentic $30 - $40 6" x 4.5" x 5"
Throwback $20 - $25  
Revolution $25 - $35  
Replica $20 - $25  
Chrome $20 - $40  
Fiber Optic $25 - $30  
Micro $5 - $25 5" x 4" x 4"
Pocket Pro $2 - $4 2.25" x 1.6" x 1.8"


  • Full size authentic throwback helmets generally cost $20-$25 more than the "plain" authentic ones. Throwback replicas (mini or full size) are not more expensive.
  • Chrome mini helmets are manufactured exclusively by Riddell and are limited in quantity.
  • Pocket pro helmets also come in chrome at a cost of about a buck more.
  • Micro NFL football helmets are generally under $20 (you can find some for under $10) and are only slightly smaller than mini helmets. The bad news is that they have been discontinued by Riddell. Limited quantities of micro helmets are still available on some sites - eBay seems to have a nice supply for now, but if you want one you'd better act fast.

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Save money with mini helmets
Save money with mini football helmets

Best NFL helmet logo?
The best NFL helmet logo ever?