How Much Can You Save With Offsite Stadium Parking?*

Depressed. Defeated. Demoralized. And the game hasn’t even started…

This is NOT discount parking!

This is how stadium parking prices can make you feel, if you’re not lucky enough to own a season pass.

Think I’m exaggerating?? Here are some actual examples:

  • $203 for a parking pass for an Eagles-Cowboys game in Arlington on a major ticket broker site. That was $26 more than the cheapest available seat for that game.

  • $400 for West Club parking at Gillette Stadium for the Bills vs. Patriots (12/29/13). Seriously, who pays that much?!?!

While ticket prices have climbed more than 50% over the past decade, parking prices have more than doubled…” - CNN Money
How do you feel now, hmm…? You've just spent hundreds of dollars on NFL tickets, and then realize that you have to drop another $100 for parking.

Because, just like game tickets, NFL parking passes are sold out before the season even starts.

And, just like game tickets, ticket brokers can charge 2-4 times the face value price.

But unlike game tickets, you do have a choice…

*Save up to 90% with offsite stadium parking



  • You don't get to meet as many fellow NFL fans
  • Tailgating may not be permitted
  • It might involve walking or additional transportation to get to the stadium


  • You don't get to meet as many fellow NFL fans
  • You avoid the post-game parking lot gridlock
  • You can save as much as 90%* (yes, ninety)

Bottom line:

No, offsite parking is not the same as parking and tailgating in the shadow of the stadium. But for those times (and there will be many) when you simply can’t get a spot in the stadium lot at a reasonable price, it’s a no brainer when you realize that you can save $100 or more per game.

If you're also looking for a place to eat…

Then why not slay 2 birds with 1 proverbial stone? Find yourself a sports bar near the stadium that offers free parking and a shuttle ride.

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