How Much Can You Save On Superdome Parking?*

Superdome parking: expensive and  hard to find

Mercedez-Benz Superdome parking on game day is typical of NFL stadiums - it's expensive and hard to find.

While not as expensive ($35 face value) as some other stadiums, non-season ticket holders will still have to pay 2-3 times that amount on the secondary market.

But boy, are they hard to come by, thanks to a ridiculous seating-to-parking ratio of 76,000 to 7,000. MetLife Stadium, by comparison, can accommodate up 23,800 vehicles.

A lot of baloney

So what happens when you try to squeeze the proverbial 10-pound baloney into a 5-poung bag?

Don't overpay for Superdome parking!
You get a lot of this:

Price gouging, that is, both online and off.

Sports ticket brokers jack up the prices into the triple digits, while local, independently owned parking garages that normally charge 10 bucks will quintuple the cost (and you won't even know it until you drive in), all in the name of “event parking”.

And that leads to a lot of this:

“Parking near the Superdome on game day is too costly”, say Who Dats.

$11 New Orleans Saints Parking

4 BIG reasons to use offsite Superdome parking

1. Walk, don't run, to the Superdome.  With all that New Orleans has to offer, walking to the Dome from your parking spot is something that you want to do. Take the Oct. 4 Cowboys-Saints game, for instance - it'll cost you $94 (Vivid Seats) or $103 (Ticket City) to park in the Champions lot, but only $11 at this spot on Canal St that's a half-mile away.

En route to the New Orleans Superdome during your 14 minute walk, you can try some blackened alligator at Walk-On's, experience live jazz at the Little Gem Saloon, and if your timing is right, one of the various festivals that the city is famous for.

2. Park and… gamble?!  If you want to get in a little gambling before the game, it'll cost you just 15 bucks to park at Harrah's, which is also on Poydras St. It is a mile from the Dome, so if you think it's too long of a walk, see above.

3. Save your time and your hair.  Highway construction that could last until December (2015) will eliminate the use of the on-ramp for Interstate 10, making the post-game exit from the Superdome even more nightmarish.

4. Save a bundle of cash.   *As much as 89%. Using the Oct. 4 from above as an example, you could potentially save $92, or 89% by going with alternative cheap parking.

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