3 Damn Good Reasons To Watch NFL Games Online
(And 3 Solutions)

If there’s 2 things that Americans love, it’s watching TV and NFL football.

So the fact that the NFL is insanely popular on TV should surprise absolutely no one.

But there are some good reasons to cut the cord…

Stream NFL games anytime, anywhere…
Watch NFL games online anywhere...
even underwater!

Why watch NFL games online?

  1. You're busy.   Who isn’t these days? If you simply don’t have the time to watch hours and hours of football, imagine being able to watch an entire game in 30 minutes!

  2. You moved.   Each year, approximately 3% of the US population - roughly 10 million people - move to a different state or country. If it’s true that about half of Americans watch NFL football, that means 5 million fans annually will have to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket or watch online to see their favorite team play.

  3. You're on a budget.   DirecTV, owners of NFL Sunday Ticket, had an estimated 20 million subscribers as of 2013*. And since 49% of Americans watch football*, that means that 10 million fans bought the Sunday Ticket package, right? Wrong. A mere 10%, or 2 million, paid for the 300 buck subscription, and therein lies the problem. More and more people are either unable or unwilling to pay that much on top of their existing cable or satellite bills.

*Sources: • www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/10/05/3-things-you-need-to-know-about-directvs-nfl-sunda.aspx
  • www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/10350802/poll-indicates-49-percent-americans-pro-football-fans

3 Solutions

If any or all of the above categories describe you, here are three solutions to consider, unless you want to end up watching Cleveland Browns games or reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

1. NFL Mobile App.   Pros: Free. Cons: Verizon customers only, no out-of-market games. Yes, you can’t beat free, but this app is only for Verizon subscribers. Also, for the regular season you can only get local and broadcast games.

2. NFL Sunday Ticket.tv.   Pros: Every out-of-market game live. Mobile streaming, RedZone Channel, replays & condensed games. Cons: Price. Condensed game replays only available from Monday to Wednesday.

Sunday Ticket is still the ultimate TV package for NFL fans, but comes with a hefty price tag. $300 in and of itself may not be that much, but it seems like a hell of a lot more when piled on top of other expenses, and you still need a DirecTV subscription.

If you want to watch NFL games online, DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket.tv for non-customers which costs $100 less, but it is only available in select areas.

So while Sunday Ticket may be the ultimate, it’s not suitable for those of you with limited spare time (I mean, how many live games can you possibly watch?) and is not available in Europe or Asia, among other places.

Where is NFL Sunday Ticket available?

3. NFL Game Pass.   Pros: Access to every game, including past seasons. Price. Available internationally. Cons: No live games**. You need a 3rd-party app or device (such as Chromecast) in order to watch the games on your TV.

It’s like getting Sunday Ticket for one-third the price, the major drawback being that you can’t stream NFL games live. Other than that, it covers all the bases… not only can you watch any game (immediately after it ends) at any time, you can watch more games than you ever imagined with the 30-minute, commercial and interruption free, condensed replays. And if you’re a transplant now living in, let’s say, Italy, well Game Pass International has got you covered.

Try before you buy: 7 day, risk-free trial, now at 25% off.

**Live streaming is offered with Game Pass International only.


Without question, NFL Game Pass is the best way to watch NFL games online. For convenience, portability, availability, & features, it just can’t be beat… especially since it’s one-third the cost of NFL Sunday Ticket and half the price of Sunday Ticket.tv.

Find out why NFL Game Pass is for you.

If you're still unwilling, or unable, to fork over 100 75 bucks, here's how you can watch NFL football online absolutely free.

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