2014 Super Bowl: Simply Too Much?

by Jim

When I think of the NFL the word excess comes to mind, especially when it comes to ticket pricing. But in spite of these excesses, I'm still a fan. I believe most NFL fans will stay fans until forced to do otherwise. We may go to less games, buy cheaper jerseys, & resort to bargain hunting, but we remain fans -- until it gets to be too much.

To differentiate, "just" much would be what it currently costs to go see a regular season game. "Too" much would be the Super Bowl & its $3K price tag.

Super deals near the New Orleans Superdome.

Like any NFL fan I dream of going to a Super Bowl. Like many NFL fans I've been priced out.

It's outrageous enough as it is, but with next year's game taking place in New Jersey/New York, the extravagance has just begun. With another 372 days to go, it is already shaping up to be the most expensive Super Bowl in history. Just what NFL fans really need, eh?

What it means to out-of-state fans

New York City = high prices. Sure the game will actually be played in New Jersey, but let's be real - New York's stake in this is just as big. It's safe to say that many out of state visitors will spend most of their time in the city before and after the event.

Using the site of this year's Super Bowl as an example, the cost of living in NYC is 142.87% higher than New Orleans. So while you're not going to live here, the index takes into account anything from the price of a cup of coffee to cab fare, so whenever you do spend, you'll be spending considerably more.

Oh, and the hotel rates?

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