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Looking For Last Minute Parking?

If you're lucky enough to have tickets for one of the remaining NFL playoff games but have yet to reserve parking, well what are you waiting for??

Here are the latest prices for the cheapest available parking pass from 4 major ticket brokers (fees/shipping included):

Divisional round Jan 13-14  
Atlanta at Philadelphia $99 $93 $125 $99
Tennessee at New England $90 $97 $225 $112
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh $46 $71 $76 $73
New Orleans at Minnesota $44 $61 $77 $37
Championship Game Jan 21  
at Philadelphia $106 $100 $127 $98
at New England $121 $623 $645 $537
at Pittsburgh $68 $86 $100 $67
at Minnesota $72 $73 N/A $61
Lowest price in bold

Now let's compare those prices against ParkWhiz:

Divisional round Jan 13-14  
Atlanta at Philadelphia $99 $93 $125 $99 $14
Tennessee at New England $90 $97 $225 $112 $83
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh $46 $71 $76 $73 $23
New Orleans at Minnesota $44 $61 $77 $37 $28
Championship Game Jan 21  
at Philadelphia $106 $100 $127 $98 $14
at New England $121 $623 $645 $537 $50
at Pittsburgh $68 $86 $100 $67 N/A
at Minnesota $72 $73 N/A $61 $20

The average cost of a parking pass on ParkWhiz is $33.11. The average for all of the other sites? $140.71.

5 Tailgating Gear Ideas That Suck

The Grooler

1) Frost Boss. Chills your can of brew to a frosty 38º in just 2 minutes, but…

  • It only works with cans
  • It can chill just one can at a time

You can chill your beverages just as quickly using just ice and water.

2) Cap Trap. “Eco-friendly bottle opener and cap catcher”. Here’s a novel idea - how about depositing the bottle cap in the garbage??

3) Remote Control Cooler. Because getting off your butt to grab a cold one is just soooo much of a hassle. It only holds 6 cans or bottles, which kind of defeats the overall purpose (unless you're a really light drinker).

4) The Grooler. . I’ve often wondered what reasoning, if any, went into the purchase of this discontinued grill/cooler combo. “Sure, I can buy a better quality grill and cooler separately that will take up less space at half the cost, but what the hell…”

5) Canopy Cooler. Another invention that’s supposed to be a convenient combination of two products (cooler + canopy weight). At least they didn’t give this a lame name, like “The Canooler”. But a canopy has 4 legs, so four canopy coolers = $160 = I don’t think so.

For tailgating gear ideas that don't suck, go here.

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What Does It Cost YOU To See An NFL Game?

NFL real cost index calculator

Based upon 2015 data for 31 NFL cities and 32 teams from the Department of Numbers and TicketIQ, respectively, it took nearly one-fifth of a month’s income for the average household just to pay for one game, using secondary market prices.

How much of your paycheck does it take? 10% 20% 30%?? Find out here…

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The Top Online Ticket Broker

The top online ticket broker

It looks like #NFLTicketPrices will end the year on a high note. After weeks of steady decline, secondary market ticket costs jumped 72% for the final week of the NFL regular season. The average cheap seat price of $138.37 is the highest since week 8.

If you were one of those that was planning on taking advantage of the bearish prices, don’t fret. You can still save as much as 26% with arguably the best online ticket broker.

The Best Place To Buy NFL Tickets

The best place to buy NFL tickets

The best online ticket sellers don’t need…

  • Validation - “Official ticket exchange of the NFL”, “Official ticket provider for ESPN”.
  • Guarantees - “We guarantee that tickets are the cheapest on the market, or…”.
  • Incentives - “Sign up for Monster Bucks”.

Nope. What it comes down to, really, is…

  • Transparent pricing - no hidden fees or service charges.
  • Accreditation - like, an A+ rating from the BBB.
  • Lowest prices - words can lie, but the numbers don’t.
  • Saving money - how much? For a family of 4, an average of $126 per game (based on TicketIQ’s secondary market average initial prices).

Well there really is a ticket broker site that includes all of the above. If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you - but you can decide for yourself. Like I said, the numbers don’t lie…

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How To Find The Cheapest Sports Tickets Online

Where to get the cheapest sports tickets online

Amidst the bold promises, guarantees, and hidden fees, there are actually some ticket sites that really have lower prices.

If you're looking to save a few (as much as 26%) bucks at your next NFL game, do yourself a favor and see which ticket brokers regularly offer the cheapest seats.

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Time To Cut The Cord?

Watch NFL games online and save money...

According to CNN, the average monthly cable TV bill per U.S. household is $75. The figure is likely a bit higher (ok, a lot higher, if you have NFL Sunday Ticket) for sports fans, who pay for add-on sports packages.

Now if $75 doesn’t seem like all that much to you, let’s put things in a different perspective…

If you were to take the money that you spend on cable each month and say, put it towards an investment portfolio, how much do you think that it is, in effect, costing you over a lifetime?

  • $634,970?
  • $1,102,950?
  • $2,081,549?
  • $4,209,990?

Well, depending on your return level, it’s all of the above, according to

And if that’s not enough to make you recoil in horror, keep in mind that cable TV costs - despite the loss of millions of subscribers to streaming and on-demand services - continue to rise.

If you’re a sports/NFL fan that has been thinking about ditching cable, but wasn’t sure about your options…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Time for some turkey and #NFLFootball

NFL Ticket Prices Falling

  • Protests?
  • High prices?
  • Shoddy play?
  • Questionable officiating?
  • Market oversaturation?

Whether the reasons are all, none, or some of the above, #NFLTicketPrices are most definitely trending downwards.

Falling NFL Ticket Prices
Prices were recorded 2-3 weeks before the game and are per seat, minimum of 2, for the cheapest available non-standing room tickets on the secondary market (includes all fees & shipping).

While prices for Week 14 were $9 higher ($96.46) than the previous week, it still marked the first time this season that the average cheap seat price was under $100 for 2 consecutive weeks. This is something that did not occur at all last season.

Stay tuned…

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Dirt Cheap Lambeau Field Parking

Save on Lambeau Field parking

While mounting losses and the absence of Aaron Rodgers have helped to drive down the resale prices of Packers tickets, those factors don’t seem to be affecting the cost of #LambeauFieldParking.

The initial average price of $172.79 for a Green Bay Packers parking pass on the secondary market prior to the start of the regular season was second only to the New England Patriots. And while costs usually trend downward as the season progresses, a parking pass for Lot 6 at Lambeau for today’s game vs. the Ravens was going for $206 on StubHub as of last night.

In case you didn’t know, there are way cheaper - free, even - options in the immediate vicinity, and for a limited time you can get an additional $5 off if you reserve a space here using promo code PARKNFL.

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Cheap NFL Tickets

The #BestDealsOnNFLTickets for Week #8:

Best PriceAvg.SavingsWebsite
Miami at Baltimore$46.25$15.25VividSeats
Oakland at Buffalo$116.25$16.04VividSeats
Indianapolis at Cincinnati$41.25$12.68VividSeats
LA Chargers at New England$308.75$78.59VividSeats
Chicago at New Orleans$60.00$20.30TickPick
Atlanta at NY Jets$40.00$10.84TickPick
San Francisco at Phil.$152.50$40.82StubHub
Carolina at Tampa Bay$69.00$15.36TickPick
Houston at Seattle$152.00$51.11SeatGeek
Dallas at Washington$208.00$20.66TickPick
Pittsburgh at Detroit$107.60$25.21StubHub
Denver at Kansas City$109.62$13.01TicketIQ
Prices are per seat for cheapest available pair of non-standing room tickets as of Oct 12. All fees included.

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Best Ticket Prices Week 6

Here are the #cheapestNFLtickets on the secondary market for week 6

Cheapest NFL tickets for week 6

If you're not paying these prices, then do yourself a favor and find a good ticket broker…

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Fedex Field Parking Under $50

Save on Fedex Field parking

Looking for the #FedexFieldParking that won't cost you a small fortune?

For a limited time, get an additional $5 off your parking with code: PARKNFL (first time customers only).

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Save On Superdome Parking

The best parking for the Superdome doesn't have to cost this much:

Save on Saints parking

Save up to $100 for Saints parking on game day…

For a limited time, get an additional $5 off your parking with code: PARKNFL (first time customers only).

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How To Save On Gillette Stadium Parking

Cheap Gillette Stadium Parking Alternatives

A parking pass for the Patriots game or an iPad?

That’s right, a #GilletteStadiumParking pass on the secondary market will cost you just as much as an Apple iPad - including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The average preseason resale cost for “official” Patriots game day parking was $610. That’s an otherworldly amount, even for the five-time Super Bowl champs.

If you want to save hundreds of dollars…

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Soldier Field Parking For Under $100

Patriots $610.21
Packers $172.79
Bears $170.02
Prices were recorded in late June 2017 and include all fees

The average cheapest preseason price for a #ChicagoBearsParkingPass was the 3rd-highest on the secondary market.

Offsite parking, anyone?

Find the #SoldierFieldParking - including the #AdlerPlanetariumLot - for a fraction of the cost…

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The Cheapest Cheap Seats For Week 5

How can you save $16 per ticket on average for week 5?

Don't bother searching for ticket brokers with “no service fees”, you can read about that here.

What it really comes down to is finding the #bestsportsticketbrokers

The Cheapest NFL Ticket Prices For Week 4

Get your cheap seats for even cheaper… according to the table above, you could save an average of $21 per ticket.

If you want to know which ticket brokers will save you the most money, go here.

How much does it really cost to attend an NFL game?

Do you consider NFL games to be a major expense?

While some season ticket holders pay home loan type prices for personal seat licenses, most average fans probably don't think they spend that much of their salaries on NFL football, but in fact:

  • For most fans of 7 teams, a family of 4 will spend as much, or more, on a single game than the average U.S. resident does for a month's rent.
  • For 14 other teams, a family of 4 will spend as much, or more, on a single game than the average U.S. household does on their monthly food bill.

Embed code:

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Find your cheap NFL authentic jerseys
For many fans, the cost of an NFL jersey - $300 for a Nike Elite, $150 for a Limited, & $100 for a Game -- is just too much.

Price is the main reason why counterfeit jerseys are big business, but for NFL fans on a budget, there may finally be another way, thanks to Rep The Squad.

For $19.95 a month, you can rent…

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NFL Fan Real Cost Index

How much of your paycheck goes towards NFL games?

Here's what NFL fans around the U.S. spend on a single game:

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Offsite Parking vs. Stadium Parking

Stadium parking

  • Closer to the stadium (most of the time)
  • You can tailgate to your heart's content
  • You’re among thousands of fellow fans - it’s like a colossal block party
  • Unless you leave early, you have to deal with exit traffic gridlock

Offsite parking

  • Farther from the stadium
  • Tailgating may not be permitted
  • You get to avoid the stadium exit traffic
  • You can save a nice chunk of change…

Here are some examples of the money you’d save on average, if you went with the cheapest available offsite parking (less than a mile from the stadium), as opposed to the cheapest available stadium parking passes from an online ticket broker:

NY Giants at Dallas Cowboys Sep 10$90
Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Sep 10$145
SF 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Sep 17$141
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Sep 10$63
Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers Sep 17$106
Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears Sep 10$170 Click here, park anywhere

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Do service fees make a difference?

As expensive as NFL tickets are, they’re that much more on the secondary market.

Ticket brokers make a killing by setting prices that are way above face value, and to make things worse, they tack on service fees that can be as much as 25% of the ticket price.

In fact, the service fee has been abused to the point that the brokers who claim to not charge any, use it as a major selling point.

But is it a red herriing? Do the ticket brokers that forgo the extra charges simply compensate with higher ticket costs?

I compared the prices of 15 reseller web sites, 9 of which charge service fees, for 18 home openers for the upcoming 2017 NFL season.

The cheapest ticket available among the 9 sites with fees averaged $177.57 (fees included), while the average price for the 6 sites advertised as having no fees was $177.72.

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Cheap Tailgating Ideas

NFL fans typically spend about $198 per game on #tailgating. How much do you spend?

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Is An NFL #StadiumParkingPass Now A Luxury?

It sure seems that way. Everyone knows that NFL ticket prices on the secondary market are ridiculously high.

But maybe you didn’t know that the cost of parking for an NFL game is creeping into high-end territory.

Based upon the listings from 15 ticket broker sites from June-July 2017, the cheapest parking pass averaged $109 on the secondary market. In fact, there are 5 NFL stadiums where it will cost you more to park your car than it will for tickets to the game itself:

TeamAvg. Cheapest Parking Pass
Bears $170.02
Raiders $162.85
Browns $153.83
Saints $112.34

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What are the REAL costs for NFL fans?

According to, the Fan Cost Index (FCI) - or, the average cost for a family of four attending an NFL game, was $480.89 for the 2015 season.

The FCI is based upon the face value costs of game tickets and parking, so in reality, the above figure applies to a very small percentage of fans.

How small? Season ticket holders make up less than 1% of the estimated 160 million NFL fans in the U.S. Even if you account for those that are lucky and/or connected enough to get tickets for face value (or less), it still means that the vast majority of fans get theirs from online brokers.

Real NFL fan costs are based on secondary market prices, and the figures will astound you…

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