Redd’s: The Best Parking Near
Metlife Stadium & More

The Best Parking Near Metlife Stadium
Redd's 317 Washington Ave, Carlstadt, NJ 07072

Redd’s is the Times Square of New Jersey”, says Gov. Chris Christie.

That may be a bit much - maybe it is, I don’t know.

But what I do know is that it’s easily the best place for parking near Metlife Stadium.

The way I see it, if you’re driving to the game and you won’t be tailgating, then there’s no reason not to park at Redd’s.

4 reasons the best parking near Metlife Stadium is at Redd’s

1. Convenience.  Like every other NFL stadium, trying to exit the parking lot after a game at Metlife is a nightmare. There’s absolutely no reason to spend a half-hour or more in gridlock, using curse words that you didn’t know you knew. Not when there’s a Redd’s shuttle bus driver to do the suffering - er, driving, for you. You’ll still be in traffic, but at least you can sit back, relax, & have a beer.

Redd’s also offers the shuttle ($10) for non-parking customers. Just remember to make a mental note of where you’re dropped off, because there won’t be any signs to look for after the game.

2. Food & Tailgating.  Good bar food at good prices. A nice-sized burger is a very reasonable $12, and if you just want to pick, the Wildcat (appetizer) Sampler is just 15 bucks and enough for two. And who says you can’t tailgate just because you’re not parking at the stadium lot? For a mere 15 bucks, you get an outdoor tailgate buffet, tailgate toss & other games, and more. There are also game day food & drink specials, but for evening games only.

3. Friendliness.  So you just bought a beer, then realized that it’s time to leave for the game? No way you leave behind that bottle of Spaten Oktoberfest. Just bring it with you & drink it on the bus.

Need to arrive early? If you book parking through ParkWhiz, it may be alarming to see that you’re assigned a pre-allotted time slot, usually starting an hour before kickoff. But if you want to eat and enjoy a couple of cold ones before the game, one hour is not nearly enough time. It’s nice to know that you won’t be hassled if you show up before your parking reservation officially starts.

4. Price.  $45 for parking, tailgating/buffet, & a shuttle ride is kind of hard to beat, don’t you think? Especially when a Metlife Stadium parking pass alone can cost you $70 or more.

Redds - THE place to park near MetLife Stadium

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