The Best Sports Ticket Search Engines

What can the best sports ticket search engines offer you?

  • The chance to bid on tickets and possibly save big bucks,
  • An abundance of data so you can recognize a great deal,
  • A track event tool, that when combined with the price data, let’s you “strike” at the right time.

Zero service/shipping fees TicketMonster
Up front pricing StubHub
Bid on tickets TickPick
Ticket price history TickPick
Track event SeatGeek

Oh, did I forget to mention the NFL ticket prices? In a study that compared 3 sports ticket search engines to 10 ticket brokers, the search engines on average were 6%-10% cheaper than their broker counterparts.

And how do they compare to each other? I’m glad you asked:

This is the best place to buy NFL tickets...

If you’ve been paying attention then you know average price is not as beneficial to you as is the frequency of having the cheapest seat. And while I’ve emphasized this point elsewhere on this site, there is another thing to consider, and that’s how much money you’ll save:

The best sports ticket search engines will save you money...

Price difference refers to the difference between the cheapest ticket listed and the next cheapest. Number of times lowest price is simply how many times that site had the cheapest seat. Total savings multiplies the two figures and is what the savings amounts to when a site has the lowest price.

The best sports ticket search engine is…

Well, it all depends… If your bottom line is well, the bottom line, then it’s all about the money, or how much of it you’ll save. In the chart above, it is a ticket broker, and not an aggregator, that most often had the lowest NFL ticket prices, and it’s not particularly close.

But it is a ticket search engine that will save you the most money in the long run - one site in particular that, of the 17 times in the study (23%) that it had the cheapest price, was an average of 10 bucks less than the next lowest listing.

The total savings of $169.83 that this ticket aggregator netted was 79% more than any of the other ticket sites.

Get those savings right here.

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