Brew Beer At Home
Saving Money Was Never This Much Fun!

Why brew beer at home?

I know, I know… you love cake too, but you don’t want to bake one.

But it’s different with beer. C’mon, admit it - you’ve seen those Samuel Adams commercials and wondered how cool it would be to have a job like Jim Koch, who’s become a billionaire from making - and drinking- his own brew.

And although it’s not impossible, chances are that you won’t get rich if you brew your own beer. But you can save some money and have a blast while doing it.

The Cost of Home Brew Kits
But I digress… if you're looking to start your own micro brewery then it's best to learn how to make beer from scratch.

But if drinking is your game, well… nothing could be easier than home brew kits. Or cheaper.

How much can I save if I brew beer at home?

If you're an occasional drinker or you stick to brands like Coors or Budweiser, then you won't save money with homemade beer.

On the other hand, if you're into microbrews and you're the type that wouldn't buy a recliner that didn't have a bottle or mug holder, then save you shall. And the more you drink, the more you save.

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How much time can I save?

When you brew beer at home from scratch, the process can be broken down in 3 steps:

  • Sanitizing the equipment

  • Preparing the ingredients

  • Fermentation

The first 2 steps will only take you several hours… it's afterwards that will take the longest.

“How long will it take?” is a question I'll try to answer without getting in way over my head, and can depend on:

  • Type of yeast.  Dry yeast will ferment much faster - sometimes in as little as 3 days. Liquid yeast on the other hand will take 2-3 weeks.

  • Secondary fermentation.   Primary fermentation occurs in the carboy (bucket), while secondary fermentation takes place after you transfer the beer into bottles. This can take an additional 2 weeks or more.

Total time: anywhere from three weeks to two months.

But you don't have to wait… you can start enjoying your own hand-crafted beer in as little as 10 days without the mess and the clean up.

A beer at an NFL stadium costs at least 8 bucks. If you're thinking that you can save more money by bringing your homemade beer to the game you're right, but you should read this first.

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