Money Saving Guide To Buffalo Bills Stadium

While the Buffalo Bills stadium is officially known as New Era Field…

Buffalo Bills stadium
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Many locals still refer to it as Ralph Wilson Stadium.

After all, what’s more inviting - the name of a respected philanthropist, or sports apparel company?

More importantly, prices were a whole lot cheaper back when it was “The Ralph”.

The initial 2017 average cost of a Buffalo Bills ticket on the secondary market was $268 (according to

The 89% increase from 2015 is third highest of all NFL teams, and is well beyond the 29.85% rise for the league as a whole.

Buffalo Bills ticket prices on the rise

Whatever you want to call it, it seems the fans can sure use some tips on…

How to save money at Buffalo Bills stadium

Tickets.   NFL ticket prices on the secondary market usually cost much more than their face value. In 2016, the initial average resale price was 2.61 times the average face value; in 2015 it was 2.49 times.

This is clearly not the case with the Buffalo Bills. For instance, take the 2015 week 2 matchup between the Patriots and the Bills at New Era Field.

Two weeks before the game, there were seats in section 102 available from online ticket brokers for as little as $125. These seats would cost a season ticket holder $105, and would cost you $123 if you bought them from the Bills’ official website.

So yes, you can save on Buffalo Bills tickets - find out here which ticket brokers give you the best chance at the best prices.

Bills Mafia is the bro shotgunning beers and crushing the cans on his forehead. It’s the guy lighting himself on fire. Or the lady doing Dizzy Bat…”
Tailgating.   Led by the Bills Mafia “fambase”, Buffalo was ranked as the top tailgating city in 2015 by Yahoo Travel.

That may or may not mean squat, since every NFL fan thinks their team’s is the best.

But if nothing else, the tailgate parties at New Era Field have become a spectator sport and internet fodder, as evidenced by the dozens of viral videos:

Of course you don’t have to go that far to have some fun, but since tailgating at the old Ralph Wilson Stadium is nearly as big an event as the game itself, I’m sure these cost-cutting tips will be helpful for your next Buffalo Bills tailgate party.

  • Beer - The cost of a beer is the 3rd highest in the NFL, so why pay $9.50 for one when you can get thirty Labatt’s for $15.99? You can find other great deals on brew at Consumer Beverages.

  • Tailgating games - Why 150 bucks or more for a custom corn hole board when you can get a Buffalo Bills corn hole wrap for just $50? There are also games for much less, including the choice of many Bills fans, Dizzy Bat.

  • Food - What would a Buffalo Bills tailgate party be without Buffalo wings? While you probably know that they’re easy to make, perhaps you don’t realize how little it will cost you. Drumsticks cost about $1.25/lb., and wings are about $2.60 per, so you can easily whip up a batch for less than half of what Buffalo Wild Wings would charge. Here is a pretty simple recipe for Buffalo wings.

  • Parking - A Buffalo Bills parking pass is pretty cheap ($25) by NFL stadium standards, but if you can’t get one at face value, you still may end up paying double or triple that from an online ticket broker. Find some way cheaper parking alternatives right here.

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