You Didn’t Pay $140 For
CenturyLink Field Parking, Did You?!?

“It cost Seahawks fans $140 to park near CenturyLink Field”
The fact that you could pay $140 for a CenturyLink Field parking pass should surprise absolutely no one.

After all, the initial average secondary market price for a ticket to a Seahawks home game over the past 3 years is $449.74.

Not only is that the highest of any NFL team, it represents an eye-popping 432% markup from the average face value cost ($84.52).

Given those figures, what do you think parking at CenturyLink Field will cost you on said secondary ticket market?

Best Cheap Parking Near CenturyLink Field
If you said $200 or $300, you wouldn’t be wrong. The initial average resale cost of a Seahawks parking pass for 2017 is $139, 7th-highest in the NFL. I suppose being “only” number seven is an improvement, but $139 is still $139.

And although this is 2017, and this is the NFL, yadda yadda, having to pay nearly $600 for a ticket and a parking pass is still wrong.

Finding cheaper ticket prices for NFL football games may be a crap shoot, but for parking, it’s not. It may require a short walk or train ride to the stadium, but you can potentially save at least hundred bucks.

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Cheap CenturyLink Field parking alternatives

Street parking $0-$4.  The area is rather unique in the fact that there is actually an abundance of street parking near CenturyLink Field. It will cost you $1-$4/hour with (mainly) a 2-hour limit Monday-Saturday, but on Sundays it’s free and time limits generally do not apply.

This is the most popular option for most fans, and the spaces will go quickly & early on Seahawks game days, starting with the Pioneer Square & Chinatown/International District areas, both of which are under a 10 minute walk to the Link.

For a full list of street parking areas, rates, & hours, go to

If you are too late, here are a few other low cost alternatives:

Park ‘N Fly $10.  A parking spot at SeaTac International Airport and Light Rail round trip fare to the stadium is just 10 bucks with Seattle Park ‘N Fly. Reservations recommended.

Port of Seattle $12.  Another airport parking/light rail shuttle deal. Get your coupon here. Saturdays and Sundays only.

Luxe $20.  A valet will park your car for you, then “when you’re ready to head home, Luxe will deliver your car back to you wherever you are, within our coverage zone.”

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