Cheap NFL Tickets Without Service Fees
Aren't All That Cheap!

Finding cheap NFL tickets without service fees seems like a natural way to save money…

Cheap NFL tickets with no service fees?

Schedule of Fees and Charges. The price charged to User's credit card beyond the price of the individual tickets shall include the following fees and charges:

Service Fee: Cost per ticket associated with site operation, customer service center operation, and other costs associated with the fulfill- ment of User's ticket request.
After all, it’s the dreaded service fee that -- cloaked in legal speak at the beginning and surprising you at the end - can add as much as 30% to what you thought you were paying for the tickets.

But is it that simple? Can you save that much money just by avoiding those extraneous charges??

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Will cheap NFL tickets without service fees save me money?

How much are service fees? They vary by site, but they’re usually no more than 25% of the ticket price.

Broker Service Fee
RazorGator 25%
VividSeats 25%
TicketLiquidator 25%
TicketCity 25%
StubHub 19-25%
CoastToCoast 18%
GoldCoast 7%

Twenty-five percent is a pretty sizeable chunk, so it’s no wonder that so many fans seek out brokers with zero fees. Zero is less than 25%, so it would be safe to assume that no-fee ticket sites would generally have the lower prices, right?

See for yourself - using cheap seat prices of 18 home openers for the 2017 season as the data source, we compared the above sites, plus ticket aggregators TicketIQ and SeatGeek (they themselves do not charge service fees, but pass on the ones from source sites) to 6 brokers* that claim to charge no service fees:

Average price of sites with fees $177.57
Average price of sites with no fees $177.72
*TickPick, TicketMonster, CaptainTicket, FeeFreeTicket, StubDepot, TicketFinder
Prices are based upon the cheapest non-standing room only seat (min.2) as of Jul 28, 2017 & include all fees/shipping.

Surprise, surprise… they're basically the same. How can this be? A ticket broker can claim zero fees and still charge you simply by building them into the price of the ticket. Sneaky? Yes. Legal? Apparently.

Of note is the fact that there are 2 broker sites in this study that boast no fees and free shipping, yet their final costs are usually higher than many of the other resellers. In fact, one of these sites had the highest price 8 times (44%). More on that later.

So if NFL tickets without service fees is just a ruse, how do you determine the best sports ticket brokers that will save you money?  Find out here.

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