Want To Save Big Money on
Cowboys Stadium Parking?

The cost of a Cowboys Stadium parking pass is $75.

That figure, to put it in perspective, is…

  • more than double the NFL stadium average
  • about 80% the cost of the average (face value) NFL ticket
  • more than the average (face value) ticket price for eight other NFL teams

And that’s not all. Since 75 bucks is the face value price, unless you own Dallas Cowboys season tickets, you’re likely to pay much, much more than that on the secondary market.

Save on AT&T Stadium parking...

The thing about overinflated prices is that it actually makes it easy to save money on a comparative basis…

How much can you save? 80% or more is not out of the question. How easy is it? Well, you can choose from…

AT&T Stadium Parking
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6 cheap Cowboys Stadium parking alternatives

$20-$60. The adjacent parking lot at Rangers Ballpark is the next best thing and considerably cheaper, but these can be very hard to get.

$40. This is the minimum amount you need to spend at nearby Lincoln Square Shopping Center (about 1/4 mile from the stadium) for free game day parking. Not a bad deal if you're into eating at TGI Friday's, Olive Garden, or Black-eyed Pea, which are just a few of the dining choices in the mall. For an additional $10 you can get a round-trip shuttle ride to the stadium.

$25. This is the going rate for downtown parking at 8 city-owned lots in Arlington. These are about 1.5 miles from AT&T Stadium so additional transportation is necessary.

$20. Arlington Event Parking is the closest independently licensed lot (< 1 mile) and you can get a prepaid pass online for $21.50 (there is a $1.50 handling fee).

$10. Humperdink's Restaurant & Brewpub charges just 15 bucks for parking and shuttle service to the game. A good place to chow down before or after the event, too (3.5 stars on Yelp).

$0 (or $8 + shuttle). The free parking and $8 Cowboys Stadium shuttle is just part of the best game day deals around courtesy of J.Gilligans: for $25 you can get a 10-oz ribeye steak, a draft beer, and parking/round-trip shuttle ($12.99 + $4 + $8).

Compare & save on tickets for the Cowboys next home game.

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