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Face value prices for Washington Redskins tickets at Fedex Field are among the highest in the NFL:

Year Avg. Ticket Price (Rank) Parking (Rank) FCI (Rank)
2015 $102 (7) $57.50 (2) $597.51 (6)
2016 $119.52 (4) $57.50 (3) $657.58 (2)

Considering the team was coming off 4 and 9 win seasons, respectively, one can only shudder to think of what the prices would be if they won the Super Bowl.

And speaking of the Super Bowl, here are the face value prices for the team that’s won 2 of the last 3:

Year Avg. Ticket Price (Rank) Parking (Rank) FCI (Rank)
2015 $122 (2) $40 (5) $624.70 (4)
2016 $130.73 (2) $40 (6) $652.82 (3)
Source: teammarketing.com

Is it any wonder that ’Skins fans feel like they’re being screwed?

Top Fedex Field money-saving tips

Prices on the secondary ticket market are normally much higher than face value. How much higher? Using the New England Patriots again as an example, here’s how the two teams compare using Fan Cost Index (FCI) and Real Cost Index, which uses secondary market prices:

2015 Team Prices
Team FCI RCI Difference
New England Patriots $624.70 $1921.83 +308%
Washington Redskins $597.51 $847.26 +142%

What is real cost index?

So what am I saying? 'Skins fans, in most cases, are actually better off on the secondary market, where the prices become quite average:

2015 Redskins Tickets, Secondary Market
Avg. Initial Ticket Price (Rank) Real Cost Index (Rank)
$200.46 (17) $847.26 (14)
Source: tiqiq.com

Ok, enough with the tables and numbers…

Here’s the bottom line: while the secondary market prices are average, they’re still more than face value, so you’re not really saving, unless of course, you follow these tips:

1) Wait before you buy tickets.  Everyone knows that NFL ticket prices generally drop as the season progresses, right? Here’s the 4-month difference (more tables? Sorry…) over a 6 year period:

Average Secondary Market Ticket Price, 4 Months Apart
Year Aug 1 Nov 30
2015 $134 $105
2014 $126 $91
2013 $167 $120
2012 $120 $149
2011 $130 $135
2010 $158 $118
6-yr. average $143 $119
Based on data from SeatGeek

One of the biggest influencing factors is the team’s success (or lack of), so the Redskins seven game winning streak to cap off the 2012 season explains the $29 increase. But look what happened in 2016:

Fedex Field ticket prices
Secondary market average for Washington Redskins tickets Aug.2016-Nov.2016

Despite a 6-4-1 record and a 46% chance of qualifying for the post-season at the end of November, secondary market ticket prices dropped below face value.

Ok, so how to save on Redskins tickets if you don’t want to wait 4 months? You comparison shop…

Ticket prices for Redskins stadium opener (Sep 10)
StubHub $114.00
RazorGator $112.50
VividSeats $108.75
TicketLiquidator $116.25
Coast to Coast $126.50
TicketCity $113.50
GoldCoast $131.60
TicketMonster $117.00
TickPick $105.00
TicketIQ $103.50
SeatGeek $119.00
Prices as of 6/10/17 are for the cheapest available, non-SRO tickets, minimum 2. Includes all fees

… and save about 13 bucks per ticket, or $52 for the proverbial family of 4.

2) Join the Hail BBQ Tailgate Party.  What the “hail” is this? It’s called. “forget-everything-else-because-you-won’t-top-this”. The Hail BBQ Crew are “regular fans” that host an open tailgate buffet prior to every home game, free of charge. Too good to be true? Well, they do ask for a donation of $10-$20 per person, but even if you double that, it’s a bargain -- just check out this menu featuring Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers(!) & Dizzy Pig(!?!) for the 12/19/16 game vs. the Carolina Panthers.

3) Find alternate parking.  You would think that $57.50 (face value) for a parking pass is bad enough, assuming you can even get one. But to add insult to well, insult, there’s a parking surcharge built in to the ticket price, whether you park at the stadium or not .

Where to get a Fedex Field parking pass and still save a few bucks? Well, the cheapest parking pass at this ticket reseller is going for an average of $77 (as of 6/16/17), which is about $23 less than the average of 10 other major sites.

But $77 is still more than $57.50, so if you want to pay even less, you can find offsite parking at a fraction of that cost right here.

4) Get Redskins live stream free. Already dealing with sky-high cable bills? Learn how to watch NFL football online for free.

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