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Gillette Stadium Parking Will Cost You

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Can you afford a Gillette Stadium parking pass?

That depends…can you afford two iPads?

Because if you were planning on purchasing parking for the next Patriots game and an iPad, you might have a problem.

Official parking at Gillette Stadium can cost as much, or more, than Apple’s ubiquitous tablet:

iPad Model Price Parking Cost (location)
iPad (32 GB) $329 $315 (Lot 20)
10.5-inch iPad Pro (64 GB) $649 $707 (Club West)
12.9-inch iPad Pro (512 GB) $1149 $1103 (Club East)
Parking pass prices are secondary market listings as of 9/16/17 and includes all fees

Although I don’t think there’s an iPad (yet) that’s this expensive:

The best parking for Gillette Stadium that costs less than an iPad

Read it and weep, Pats fans.

As if it weren’t enough that the initial average ticket price for a 2017 New England Patriots home game was a ridiculous $618 (according to TicketIQ), the initial cost of a parking pass on the secondary market was just as insulting, at $610.

One $600 price tag is tough enough for the average NFL fan, but a second can really deflate one’s balls (pun intended).

While such is the price of success, it does actually get better. Much like the game tickets themselves, parking passes usually tend to drop in price as the season progresses. A price check on the last 4 Pats home games for 2017 reveals that this is indeed the case. The average cost of an official Patriots parking pass on StubHub for those games is $244 as of this writing, a drop of over 50% from a month ago.

But 244 bucks is still a hell of a lot of money just to park your car, even if Boston area residents did have the second highest median household income among the 31 NFL cities ($78,800 yearly in 2015).

These alternative Gillette Stadium parking spots will save you…

$150.   Some people think that because it’s called Patriot Place, and it’s right next door, it’s an extension of Gillette Stadium. It’s not. Of course no one can stop you from parking there, but since there’s a 2-hour limit, there’s sure to be a ticket on your windshield after the game. By not parking here you’ll save yourself a $150 fine.

Now, using $200 as a theoretical price point, you can also save:

$134 - $155. You can reserve parking online at one of 2 spots (both are about 1 mile from the stadium) here. It will cost $104 on StubHub (for the Dec. 31 game vs. the NY Jets), but you can get the same spots for as little as $44-$66.

$150. For 50 bucks, Foxborough Terminals is the next best thing to parking at the stadium. It’s about .8 miles away, and tailgating is allowed.

$160. Route 1 Liquor Mart is the cheapest alternative parking near Gillette Stadium (.7 miles away). Tailgating is permitted, but limited, I believe. Well at least you won’t have far to go if you need to restock on booze.

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How to save money at Gillette Stadium
How to save money at Gillette Stadium