15 Heinz Field Parking Spots For $15 Or Less

So… do you buy a Heinz Field parking pass or a ticket for the Steelers game?

Since more than one-third of tailgaters never actually enter the stadium, that’s actually a valid question…

Especially since the average price for parking at Heinz Field costs nearly as much as a game ticket.

Avg. cheapest game ticket $138
Avg. cheapest parking pass $114
Based on 2017 preseason prices, including all fees

The average cheapest parking pass cost $114.39, 10th-highest in the NFL. Yes, cheapest - in other words, you could easily pay twice as much, if not more.

So before you consider your options, let me first present…

The bad news:

Heinz Field Parking
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All official Heinz Field event parking - that is, the red, blue, & gold lots - are sold out waaay in advance.

So if being squeezed out of the red & blue lots makes you turn red or feel blue, or you just want to go for the gold (lot), well you can just forget it.

Resale prices for gold lot passes can easily reach $200 for certain games.

And the good news:

There are plenty of spaces in the lots on the other side of the Allegheny River that will charge you as little as 5 bucks even for event parking, and all of them are within a short walk to the Port Authority rail lines that are within the free-fare zone.

So while you won't be able to tailgate in these places and you will be a bit farther from the stadium, you won't have to deal with the nightmarish gridlock when exiting the North Shore parking lots. And, of course, you'll also save some money that you can use for other things, like a Primanti Bros. sandwich or a ride on the Allegheny Wharf Water Limo.

The bottom line? If you want cheap parking near Heinz Field, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices, such as tailgating. Now if the mere thought of giving up this second pastime/tradition makes you hyperventilate, well… I’m not suggesting you give it up permanently, I’m merely saying that forgoing it even once will possibly save you 100 bucks.

Heinz Field parking for under…


  • Sixth & Penn Garage
  • Benedum Lot
Both of these spots are about a block away from the train depot and are also quite close to the water limo at the Roberto Clemente Bridge.


  • David L. Lawrence Convention Center
  • Manor Complex Garage
  • The Garage at 3 PNC Plaza


  • Fifth Avenue Place Garage. This one is right across the street from the Gateway Station and Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches.
  • Pittsburgh Water Limo Shuttle
  • Ft. Duquesne & Sixth Street Garage. A 1 minute walk to the water limo.
  • First Avenue Garage. Right next door to the First Avenue rail station.
  • Grant Street Transportation Center. Of all the discount parking spots listed here, this is the farthest from any shuttle ride to the stadium - a 10 minute walk to the Wood Street station or 13 minutes to the water limo.

Primanti Bros. Sandwich
By Adam Stone [CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5]
via Wikimedia Commons

  • Third Avenue Garage. If you love Primanti Bros., this is the closest lot (2 minute walk).
  • Mellon Square Garage.
  • Oliver Garage.
  • Smithfield Liberty Garage.
  • Wood/Allies Garage.
  • Ninth Street at Penn Avenue Garage.

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How to save money at Heinz Field