Top Home Brew Kits For Saving Cash

Home brew kits are fun, rewarding, and best of all, money saving.

The best all-in-one beer kits also effectively eliminate common obstacles such as:

  • Time - you can make your own homemade beer in as little as 10 days.

  • Effort - if you can boil water, you can make beer.

  • Mess - no cleanup.

  • Space - if you don’t have the room for something that’s the size of a 5-gallon bucket, you’ve got bigger problems.

While you don’t have the same control that you would with a conventional brewing process, you can still tailor the product to your own tastes.

The best “instant” home brew kits

Mr. Beer. This is the least expensive of the home brew kits & one of the smallest. There are four editions of Mr. Beer, each yielding 2 gallons - Deluxe, Premium, Premium Gold, & Brewmaster Select.

Mr.Beer Home Brew Kit
The Deluxe edition is the cheapest at $42.95. Based on the price of a standard refill ($15.95), your fifth 2-gallon batch will cost you barely more than $1 per beer.

The Premium edition ($54.95) is the same, but with reusable bottles and caps thrown in. The Premium Gold is identical but it includes an extra batch of beer for an extra ten bucks ($64.95).

Don't bother with the Brewmaster Select - you're basically paying an extra $35 for a thermometer, sugar measure, cap, t-shirt, and a set of glasses.

Pros: Price. Portability - bottling is optional, as you can transport & use it as a small keg.

Cons: Small yield. More expensive in the long run.

Get Mr.Beer now for a mere $42.95.

Cooper's DIY Beer Kit. This is arguably the best value if you want to brew your own beer.

Cooper's DIY Home Brew Kit
For $129.95 you get a 6 gallon yield, with each standard refill batch costing $38.85, but you can subtract 5 bucks from that if you use your own priming sugar instead of Coopers Carbonation Drops.

You can also save $10 per batch if you forego the Brew Enhancer (dextrose/maltodextrin/malt extract) but this is not recommended for beginners.

Pros: The ingredients provide more brewing versatility if you want to get creative. If you drink like a fish go through a lot of beer, Cooper's will save you the most money.

Cons: Brewing process takes more time & space. Must be bottled if not consumed immediately or if you plan on bringing it to a tailgate party.

Brew your own beer with Coopers DIY Kit.

The Beer Machine. Produces 2.6 gallons and costs $99 with refills starting at $32.95. At $38 per gallon it is the most expensive on this list, but it does have its advantages:

Beer Master 2000
  • Ease - by far the easiest way to brew your own beer… Just. Add. Water.

  • Time - the entire fermentation/carbonation process takes just 7-10 days (most other home brew kits take about 2 weeks.)

  • Space - the Beer Machine fits in your fridge easily, with the approximate footprint of a six-pack.

Pros: Out-of-the-box convenience means it's the quickest & easiest of the three. It also takes up the least space.

Cons: Less versatility for tailoring your brew recipes. Since it's an all-in-one contraption, you have to replace the entire thing if there's the slightest mechanical failure.

Get The Beer Machine now and brew your own beer in less than 2 weeks. Now just $99.

A beer at an NFL stadium costs at least 8 bucks. If you're thinking that you can save more money by bringing your homemade beer to the game you're right, but you should read this first.

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