Cheap (and Free) Lambeau Field Parking

Yes, Green Bay Packers ticket prices on the secondary market are traditionally high…

But the cost of Lambeau Field parking may even be worse, relatively speaking.

While the 2017 initial average cost of a Packers ticket was still expensive, the $303 price was $67 less than last season, dropping to the 11th highest overall (from 4th in 2016).

The initial resale price of $172.79 for a Green Bay Packers parking pass on the other hand, was the second highest prior to the start of the season.

And waiting for prices to fall during the season might be a good idea with other teams, but that’s not the case here… neither is waiting until the last minute - the cheapest official parking pass for the 11/19/17 game vs. the Baltimore Ravens was going for $206 on StubHub the night before.

So if you’d rather not spend 200 bucks on top of the hundreds you already dropped on game tickets, might I suggest these…

Dirt cheap Lambeau Field parking spots

$0 - Street parking.   Free street parking is available within several blocks… The areas that are alleged to have the most available spaces are on Kassner Drive to the south of the stadium and near Biemeret Street, north and east of Lambeau. Either way, be sure to park facing South Oneida Street if you want to make a quick getaway following the game. You can also park for free at Skyline Park, which is just south of the stadium. Plenty of room for picnicking but do not that alcohol is prohibited.

$20 - Residential parking.   Lambeau Field is situated in a residential neighborhood and for years area residents have been renting their driveways, garages, and even their lawns on game day. South Ridge Road, Valley View Road, and Kassner Drive are some of the more popular locations.

$35 - Resch Center.   If you want to tailgate, then this is your best bet, and since it’s just on the other side of S. Oneida St., it’s also the next best thing to parking at Lambeau Field. You can reserve your spot for $35 in advance ($40 on game day) at

Parking rates rise around Lambeau Field.

Ok… so if you’re considering your options:

You can’t beat free, but you’d better get there early (think hours before kickoff) or they’ll be gone in a flash.

Residential parking is cheap, but again, you need to arrive early and there is some uncertainty involved since you can’t reserve a spot.

You can reserve a space at the Resch Center, but those go really fast.

If you need guaranteed parking, you can get it here at spots that are cheaper and just as close as Resch Center. You can also book a space that, while a bit more expensive, is still about half of what most online brokers charge.

Lambeau Field Parking
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