Mini Football Helmets = Maxi Savings

Save money with mini football helmets...
You want one… you know you do.

But full-sized NFL helmets can be so damn expensive.

And though you know you can get them for less, it still may not make sense, especially if you want more than one.

Enter the mini football helmet.

Yes, everybody wants to be the #1 fan, but at what cost? Painting your face, yelling the loudest, sitting in pricey seats, or buying the biggest & shiniest helmet doesn’t make you any more or less of a fan.

So while mini helmets are half the size and half the cost, they’re still big enough to be autographed and displayed prominently in your man cave.

Buy it!
Take for example, this autographed mini helmet of Raider legend and Hall of Famer Willie Brown.

This would unquestionably enhance the home of any proud Oakland fan, yet you can get it for a mere fraction of what you would pay for a full size, unsigned, NFL football helmet.

Mini football helmet varieties

Studded NFL Helmets
These are really expensive!
Anything smaller than a regulation-sized NFL helmet is referred to as “mini”…
but there are a variety of different looks and sizes:

Mini Helmet    
Authentic $30 - $40 6“ x 4.5“ x 5“
Throwback $20 - $25  
Revolution $25 - $35  
Replica $20 - $25  
Chrome $20 - $40  
Fiber Optic $25 - $30  
Micro $5 - $25 5“ x 4“ x 4“
Pocket Pro $2 - $4 2.25“ x 1.6“ x 1.8“


  • Pocket pro helmets also come in chrome at a cost of about a buck more.

  • Micro NFL football helmets are generally under $20 (you can find some for under $10) and are only slightly smaller than mini helmets. The bad news is that they have been discontinued by Riddell. Limited quantities of micro helmets are still available on some sites - eBay seems to have a nice supply for now, but if you want one you'd better act fast.

  • Fiber optic helmets have been discontinued, but you can still get them .

  • Riddell Replica Mini Football Helmets are 31% cheaper here.

Pocket Pro Mini Helmets

Pocket pro mini helmets are the smallest available, and while they're too small to be autographed and aren't generally regarded as collector's items, they still make great gifts and are ideal for:

  • Curio cabinets (an entire set of 32 NFL helmets will easily fit on one shelf)

  • Bookshelves & PC workstations

  • Rear view mirrors (instead of a CD or fuzzy dice, wouldn't you rather have one of these dangling in your car?)

  • Christmas tree ornaments

  • The little NFL fan(s) in your life

Save money when you buy pocket pros - you can get a full set of 32 NFL mini helmets with a display case for about 1/5 the price of a full-size helmet.

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