NFL Fan Gear Make Great Gifts!

If you know an NFL fan, and most of us do…

Then you also know that NFL fan gear is the obvious choice come gift-giving time.

NFL Fan Gear - the obvious gift...
But obvious doesn’t necessarily equate to effortless

And there will be occasions when a simple t-shirt or hoodie just won’t cut it, no matter how passionate a fan she or he may be. So if you’re stuck for gift ideas and money is an object, then consider these…

Cool NFL fan gear gift ideas under $100

An NFL Fathead is a cool gift
1. NFL Fatheads    Have your kids gotten the impression that Santa Claus is broke? Has the whole St. Nick thing lost its mojo? Renew their faith in overweight fat men with white hair by getting them a Fathead.

If you think that Fatheads are merely glorified posters, then think again. The high-resolution graphics & life-size dimensions are jaw-dropping, and it’s the next best thing to getting him or her a statue of an NFL player.

And they’re not just for kids -- a Fathead makes an awesome addition to any sports den. More on NFL Fatheads here.

Cool fan gear gift idea: NFL bowling ball
2. NFL bowling balls     Need gifts for football fans that won’t elicit yawns? An bowling ball emblazoned with your team's logo is not only extraordinary, it can double as a display piece for the home.

If you have an NFL fan in your life that likes to bowl, this is the perfect gift.

Find deals on NFL bowling balls here.

Your best friend should be a fan, too.
“B-b-but I'm a 49ers fan…”
3. NFL dog collars     Some people treat their pets like they're kids, so why not NFL fan gear for dogs? If you know a dog owner that’s also a logo whore, this is an inexpensive way to get on their good side. Maybe then they’ll even stop letting their dogs use your lawn as a toilet.

More cheap ways to show off NFL team logos.

NFL Garden Gnome - It's Just Good Luck!
4. NFL garden gnomes     An unique and amusing gift for anyone with a lawn. And if they ever get on your bad side, you can always “kidnap” the sucker and hold it for ransom. Get it at Amazon.

5. NFL football thongs     What tackier way to say “I love you” than with a woman's NFL gift thong? (You weren't looking for a man's thong, were you?!).

Nothing like being appropriately dressed (or undressed) for not one, but 2 of America's favorite pastimes, eh?

Alyssa Milano's Touch Line make great NFL gifts.
6. Touch by Alyssa Milano     About 45% of NFL fans are female, so instead of getting your better half a man's jersey that makes her look like she's wearing a numbered muumuu, get her NFL fan gear that's made for a woman, even if she doesn't look like Alyssa Milano.

Cheap NFL Gift Ideas
7. NFL Dinnerware     It’s not the logo that makes this inherently mundane item a unique gift, it’s the very idea itself.

Just think about it - I’m willing to bet that even at the most tricked-out man cave or elaborate Super Bowl party you’ve ever been to, the nachos and wings were served to you on paper plates. The best part is that it’ll cost you a mere 15 bucks apiece to be a thoughtful gift-giver.

Find other stocking stuffers like this right here.

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