NFL Fatheads Make Great Gifts

NFL Fatheads are life-like, life-sized, & relatively cheap.

A Fathead is one of three things - along with an NFL helmet and an autographed memorabilia item - that can transform an ordinary room into a true sports den or man cave.

But did you know that they’re also customizable?

What would your custom Fathead look like? Post your images below.

Yup, with just your wild imagination and an uploaded graphic, you can create your own jaw-dropping Fathead.

5 custom NFL Fatheads I'd love to see

#1. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. NFL Fathead
Gravity-defying, seemingly impossible catches always make for great photos and even greater NFL Fatheads.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch vs. the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 23, 2014 is the latest, and possibly the greatest.

Even though New York lost the game, what Giants fan wouldn't love this on his or her wall?

Easily turn a fantastic shot like this one into your very own custom creation by clicking here.

#2. Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski NFL Fathead
“Gronk” had a monster of a game in the 2012 divisional playoff massacre of the Denver Broncos.

10 receptions for 145 yards and 3 touchdowns is certainly memorable, but to me the truly amazing thing is how a 250-lb. athlete can get that horizontal in mid-air.

Seeing as how he's 6'7", would Fathead consider making a 7-foot wide graphic?

Don't wait until this Fathead becomes a reality. Get a full-size Rob Gronkowski Fathead today!

Jerome Simpson NFL Fathead
#3. Jerome Simpson.

The then-Bengals wide receiver's catch vs. the Arizona Cardinals in 2011 was absolutely ridonculous.

While it may not have been the greatest “pure” catch ever, it was definitely one of the most athletic.

You won't see many plays like this in your lifetime; if you're a Bengals fan, this should be on your wall.

#4. Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble.

Butt Fumble NFL Fatheads
Unlike the previous ones, these next two ideas aren't so flattering (remember what I said about realism).

Who can forget this Thanksgiving 2012 debacle? As a Jets fan, I certainly can't.

This may have been the most embarrasing play in any team's history and resulted in:

 The then-Jets QB being the butt (sorry!) of dozens of jokes.

 Over 50 YouTube videos & hundreds of thousands of views.

 Mark Sanchez becoming the first athlete to ever shove his head up a teammate's ass while it was stuck in his own.

What's that you say? Why would a Jets fan possibly want this?? Well who said anything about Jets fans? I personally know of several Patriots fans that would l-o-v-e something like this.

Chicago Bears NFL Fatheads
#5. Rex Grossman.

Ex-Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman has had his share of good days, but this wasn't one of them.

Let's just say that it wasn't his teammates that had his back on this occasion and leave it at that.

It might be borderline tasteless, but I'll guarantee you it would get its share of laughs and gasps.

Create custom NFL Fatheads with just a few clicks

Creating a custom Fathead like the ones depicted above may not be possible for some people since you must own the photo or get permission from the owner, or own the rights to a licensed image.

If you can’t get a hold of a high quality, close up image, you can always use

  • A picture of yourself or your kid with an NFL player
  • Your own head or face superimposed upon a (license-free) image of player
  • Any good, clear photo you’ve ever taken at a game (use your imagination)

You can create vinyl wall murals ranging in size from 8” x 10” to 48” x 78”, as well as custom die cut prints, Big Heads, life-size cut outs, and more. Get started now!

What NFL Fatheads would you like to see?

Upload your own photos and ideas


Antonio Brown Not rated yet
Kicking the punter in the face.

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