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Why is an NFL jacket different from other NFL clothing?

Well for starters, it’s much more versatile and functional a t-shirt or jersey.

NFL football jackets are smart purchases simply because they’re more than just another way to show off your team logo, and this is especially true if you’re considering one for the winter.

5 reasons you should buy an NFL jacket

Kenny is not wearing an NFL jacket...
Don't look like Kenny…
Style.  While you may not win any fashion awards, you will look decidedly sharp in an NFL team jacket that matches your style.

And if you live in a cold weather city, you no longer have to resemble a South Park character just to keep from freezing your a** off.

An NFL jacket will keep you warm in sub-zero temps.
Warmth.    I’ve owned winter jackets made by Columbia and The North Face, but the Starter NFL team jacket I once had was every bit as warm, and it cost me half as much.

If you won’t take my word for it then how about a certain head coach of the NY Giants? The picture on the left is from the 2008 NFC Championship Game.

The wind-chill factor made it feel like -23°(!!) that day, and I can still recall how the tomato-red face of Tom Coughlin had the announcers wondering about his well-being throughout the game.

And what do you think it was that kept 'ol Tom from getting hypothermia?
  • his fiery personality?
  • electric underwear?
  • warm thoughts of Hawaii?

Or was it, just maybe, the NFL jacket he was wearing??

The G-III Rover Hooded NFL Jacket Will Keep You Dry...   This Craftsmen Thermal Hoodie Will Keep You Toasty...   A Lombardi Systems NFL Jacket Will Keep You Warm
G-III Rover Heavyweight Hooded Jacket Craftsmen Full-Zip Thermal Hoodie “Lombardi” Systems Heavyweight Jacket by G-III

How to choose insulated outerwear.

Functionality.    I don't know about you, but I like my jackets to be functional. Lots of easily-accessible pockets, both inside & out. Zippers that don't get caught. Hoods that detach. Waterproof yet breathable. You get the idea…

NFL Tailgate Systems Jacket offers 4-in-1 functiionality...   This winter coat turns into a fleece NFL jacket...   This NFL jacket is also a reversible vest...   This NFL jacket is also a reversible vest...
It's a winter coat It's a fleece jacket It's also a vest… That's reversible

Durability.    It would be just plain embarrassing if NFL football jackets - or any officially-licensed NFL fan gear - were not durable or long-lasting. Poor quality merchandise is something that football (or any major sport) simply would not risk.

Price.    Price Unlike other branded products or services that are made or provided exclusively by a single company, such as jerseys (Nike) and Sunday Ticket (DirecTV), the jackets are made by a number of different brands and for that reason are much more reasonably priced.

Will that $700 winter jacket keep you warmer?

While the famous name brands typically cost $200-$300 and up, you can get winter weight NFL football jackets for less than $150.

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