How To Save Money
At Your Favorite NFL Stadiums

Save Money At Your Favorite NFL Stadiums

Has this ever happened to you at NFL stadiums?

You’re so proud of yourself for finding tickets at a decent price that you forget about…

  • Eating. Too late - you’re at the game, you’re starving, and you’re dying for a beer, so you end up spending $45 on truly mediocre food and a couple of imported tap beers that don’t taste imported.

  • Parking. You just had to drive there, didn't you? So now you either spend $60 on a stadium parking pass or you drive around & around & around, hoping to find a lot that won’t charge you an outrageous “event rate”.

Well it’s happened to me, and the feeling of, “I can’t believe I just spent $___ on _________” is not a good one.

Can it happen to me?

It can happen to anyone…

With NFL ticket prices being what they are, it’s far too easy to get freaked out and worry too much about what it costs to get inside the stadium, and not enough about what you’ll spend at the stadium.

Will this happen to me?

Here are three reasons it probably won’t:
  1. You’re better at planning than I am (really, you are)
  2. You’ll be better equipped to get a decent deal on NFL tickets after reading this, this, & this.
  3. You’ll have this to turn to…

A guide to NFL stadiums that will save you money

What you spend at NFL football stadiums can account for up to 60% of your game day costs…”
There are a lot of NFL football stadium guides out there, and many of them are great, but to be clear this one is different.

For one thing, there won’t be fun facts about what the stadium is made of, or how many bathrooms are in it.

Also, I won’t be ranking or grading the stadiums, because frankly, most NFL fans don’t give a ***t. Unless it presents a danger, your stadium is your stadium - you don’t get to choose it, and the only thing that really matters is who plays in it.

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