Albert Einstein On NFL Sunday Ticket

How much does NFL Sunday Ticket cost per game?
Einstein says, "How many times will you watch NFL Sunday Ticket?"
Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket is the ultimate fix for the NFL junkie.

Just imagine… you can watch as many as 200 games over 17 weeks!

But is it worth the money??

If you watch this many games 10 16 24 32 32+
It will cost this much per game* $30 $18.75 $12.50 $9.38 **
*Based upon a subscription to Sunday Ticket Max
**Do you really have that much spare time??

Just ask yourself this…

You watch most of your games on a mobile device

Watch NFL games online.

You need to save money & or spend it on something trivial like the rent or your child's college fund

Watch NFL football online for free instead and save some money for a change.

You're the type that constantly flips back & forth between games or you'd rather watch just the highlights instead of the entire telecast

Consider a subscription to NFL RedZone on Dish Network. Do you have TIVO just so you could skip through commercials? Does the thought of parking your butt for 3 straight hours makes you squirm? Then get "Every Touchdown from Every Game" programming for just $13 a month.

You're not able to watch NFL football on TV live or you record most games to a DVR to view later

Get NFL Game Pass.

You watch less than 30 NFL football games a season

It's a matter of personal convenience. If you can afford it, get it.

NFL RedZone vs. NFL Sunday Ticket

Dish Network or DirecTV?

Every game vs. every touchdown.

48 hours of football every week vs. 4.

RedZone is like a pack of steaks, while Sunday Ticket is the entire cow.

But is it really a debate, or just a matter of what suits your needs and budget?

What do you think?

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Dish Network vs Direct TV Not rated yet
NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV is clearly the better of the two for one simple reason. Unlike NFL RedZone, which only shows you when a team is about to …

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