Save Money on Ralph Wilson Stadium Parking

Ralph Wilson Stadium (home of the Buffalo Bills) is not an easy place to find parking.

Its car capacity (~10,500 spaces) is quite small when compared to that of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, which has over 19,000 spaces.

With the dearth of available public transportation, driving to the stadium is the only real option for many fans.

You would think that there would be plenty of private parking facilities to handle the inevitable overflow, but that's hardly the case in this residential suburb that is Orchard Park, NY.

What does this mean for the stadium parking situation for Bills home games? Much like a size 7 woman trying to “slip” into a size 4 dress, it can get real ugly…

How ugly?

Ugly stadium parking prices
This ugly…
  • $88 for the Patriots-Bills game on Oct. 12

  • $65 for Minnesota at Buffalo on Oct. 19

  • $45 for Packers vs. Bills on Dec. 14
Prices as of 9/24 on StubHub

From ugly to pretty (cheap)

  • $20 to “get hammered” at Hammer's Lot, the “official unofficial” off-site tailgating lot for Buffalo Bills fans.

  • $20 at Erie Community College, about a quarter of a mile away. No tailgating.

  • $15 for a small paved lot at the corner of Thurston Ave & Abbott Rd. About 1 mile from the stadium. Tailgating??

  • $15 for Yellow Brick Parking, about 1/3 mile away. Tailgating permitted.

  • $10 for “pot luck” parking: the nearby Red Carpet Inn hotel reportedly will charge you this amount, but this is not confirmed. You can also take your chances on lawn parking with the private houses on Abbott Rd, Big Tree Rd, or Southwestern Blvd.

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Bills fans are renowned for their tailgating, but these tips can still be useful.

The average winter temperature in Buffalo is 27°(F), with a total snowfall of about 95 inches. Find a winter jacket that will keep you warm & dry.

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