Best Ways To Sneak Beer
(How To Avoid $12 Brews)

The Sippin Seat
Sneak beer into the stadium?

It’s illegal, of course…

I am in no way suggesting, nor slyly recommending, that you violate stadium policy or drink irresponsibly. There's no justification for breaking the law just to save a few bucks.

But, I understand… after spending exorbitant amounts of money for tickets, parking, and merchandise, what do you have to do to enjoy your favorite beer? You wait on a long line at the concession stand and possibly miss a Sports Center highlight play just so you can pay 12 bucks. Now that's criminal.

So if you do decide to bring your own beer to the game, it’s your ass, but at least be smart about it.

Do’s and dont’s

The wrong way to sneak beer into the game

Do drink responsibly. Use your head and stick to one stealth drinking gadget.

That is, if you plan to use a BeerBelly, don't overdo it and also bring a binocular flask and Sippin' Seat filled with booze - that's just asking for trouble.

Do use common sense - don't use a BeerBelly to sneak beer in if your buddy is going to as well. Two (or more) people with the same funny-looking beer gut is going to look a bit suspicious, don't you think?

Do be creative. Have one person use a BeerBelly filled with cranberry juice or mixer while you or someone else uses a Sippin' Seat ($28.79) for the hard stuff.

BYOB with the Binocular Flask
Don't fill a Sippin' Seat with pure vodka. Thirty-six ounces of hard liquor is way more than one, two, or even three people need for a game.

Don't be reckless and carry in a binocular flask full of 151-proof alcohol.

Don't try to sneak beer in cans or bottles or hiding flasks of booze within layers of baggy clothing or the deep pockets of your jacket. Unless you're living in the past, you should know by now that you won't make it past the pat-downs or the metal detectors. And even if you do, you're not going to be able to carry much that way.

More tacky ways to sneak beer or booze

The Wine Rack. For you women, this may be one of the best tailgating gear inventions in recent times. Not only will this modified bra hold 25 ounces of your favorite hooch, it will also increase your cup size a letter or two! (Come to think of it, it's a great invention for men, too.) Get it for $29.95.

Freedom Flask. The BeerBelly is awesome, but looking like you have a bloated mid-section isn't exactly attractive to the ladies. Solution: conceal your booze under your pants.

Tampon Flask. Tawdry and even a bit trashy, but boy is it ever effective. These fake tampon booze tubes are about as search-proof as you can get and cost less than 10 bucks.

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