Save 50% On Soldier Field Parking

While the face value cost of a Soldier Field parking pass is $49…

Try - just try, and find one for that much from an online ticket broker.

Chances are that parking at Soldier Field will cost you at least $170 on the secondary market.

That figure is the third-highest in the NFL, behind only the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers:

Patriots $610.21
Packers $172.79
Bears $170.02
Prices were recorded in late June 2017 and include all fees

Now if there’s anything that a Bears fan could use (aside from a quarterback), it’s some parking tips, so that you don’t have to spend nearly 200 bucks.

Let's see… there are cheaper alternatives that are a half a mile or more away, but those will still generally cost you at least $90.

Not quite as expensive but equally hard to get are spaces at the 2 overflow lots on the other side of Lake Shore - one on 18th Street (alcohol prohibited) and one on E 31st Street. These go for $50 and $40 respectively and are sold almost exclusively via the stadium parking site at, and they do go really fast.

Alternative Soldier Field parking that will save you 50% or more

The View From Adler Planetarium Lot
By Raymond Tambunan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
  • If you want to splurge and tailgate in style, then go with the Adler Planetarium Lot.

    Take a look - is this a view or what? -->

    It's located a bit further away from the stadium than the other official Soldier Field lots but it's door to door with the shuttle bus and the view of the Chicago skyline on one side and Lake Michigan on the other is unbeatable. typically charges $100 or more, but you can park at the Adler Lot for half of that here.

  • If you want to save 50 bucks and still get to tailgate within a mile of the stadium, then Legacy Parking is the spot that hits the spot.

  • If you won't be tailgating then there are several discount parking lots available for as little as $5 here or just $20 here.

  • Or, (if you won't be tailgating) you can simply park on the street for $2-$4 per hour. There are a good amount of spaces for parking near Soldier Field within a short (15 minutes) walk, but the best ones are at S. Michigan Ave just below W 18th St, where you can park for up to 4 hours -- most of the other spots have a 2-hour limit.

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