How To Find Incredible Deals On Sports Bar Restaurants

This sports bar is not a bargain
Don't you just hate over-hyped sports bar restaurants?

You know what I'm talking about… they're the ones that:

  • Have unbelievable drink specials - on a Tuesday.

  • Have some of the biggest TV screens - with limited programming.

  • Have the largest variety of beer - and most of them are lukewarm.

Whatever happened to value?

The best sports bar doesn't need an angle or gimmick, as long as it has good food & cold beer at decent prices.

Bargain Sports Bar Restaurants
After all, you've already spent hundreds on game tickets… you wanted to do some pre-game tailgating but parking passes would have cost you close to another hundred bucks.

All you want to do now is eat, drink, & hang out with your friends before the game at some sports bars near the stadium without dropping another C-note.

What you need then are sports bars that will give you the most bang for your buck… the most flash for your cash… you want the ones that hit…

The sweet spot

Um, no - that's not the name of a bar, but rather that warm, gooey, comfort zone -- right in between the gimmicky establishment that charges you a premium for entertainment value and the sweaty dive bar - where you'll find the true bargains and the real deals.

But that's not all - the best sports bar values are the ones that offer something extra, something that makes the total package the best way to save money on game day.

Continue reading to find out what that “something” is, and which sports bar restaurants offer it.

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